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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Amazon Bans Ads for Pro-Trump Book

(Western Journal)  -  Amid increasingly direct attacks by President Donald Trump on Amazon, one author claims an advertisement for his pro-Trump book was blocked by the online retail giant.
As Newsmax reported, Dr. Jerome Corsi attempted to promote “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump” on Amazon through its distributor, Humanix Books. The book has already reached the retailer’s bestsellers list.
Humanix reportedly received a notification from Amazon that the “political content” of the ad violated the site’s policies.
Newsmax, which owns the distributor, published the email from an Amazon representative.
“Technically, our policies say you cannot advertise anything related to a ‘political candidate, political party or issue related ads,'” the email read.
The issue apparently related to the ad showing “Trump on the cover,” which the email noted could cause advertisements for the book to “continue to get rejected across Amazon Marketing Services.”
Newsmax also accuses The New York Times of similar wrongdoing in its treatment of Corsi’s book, claiming that the newspaper’s bestsellers list “banned the title from its rankings.”
Claims of political motives by Amazon come after days of tweets and public statements in which Trump censured the company, describing its practices as dishonest and disreputable.
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