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Saturday, April 14, 2018

NASA internships only available to illegals

American Citizens Need Not Apply

(American Mirror)  -  Students at Cerritos College are questioning why special NASA internships are restricted to their illegal immigrant classmates, and are urging the student senate to open the opportunity to all.
Last week, the Associated Students of Cerritos College Senate considered a funding increase to add two additional slots to the school’s coveted Arduino Internship Opportunity – part of the NASA California Grant Community College STEM Project, the Talon Marks reports.
The scholarship allows college students to create projects that are evaluated by NASA, and there’s currently 10 students participating. But some students at the meeting pointed out that the program is currently setup to benefit only “undocumented” students or international students, and should be available to everyone.
“I believe the senate wanted to cover the entire spectrum of people who are impacted by the restrictions in funding of the program, the amending today was to make sure they covered everyone,” ASCC Vice President David Ramirez said.
“The professors already have it at heart that they want to fund students who are undocumented, … or international students. They wanted that on paper,” he said. “I think that it’s not fair when students who have that capacity or exceed that capacity are not able to do so because the fact that they are deemed a category of people who are ineligible.”
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