"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, May 8, 2017

Europe Surrenders to Islam

The Death of the West
Nationalism is Dead
Long Live the Islamic Republic of France

By Gary;

There is not too much more to say.

Open Borders Socialism wins the day in France and soon Open Borders "Conservatism" will win in Germany.

Europe is now on the road to Civil War between invading waves Islamist Colonists and the few European patriots that are left.

It looks like the anti-Islamic battles fought by Charles Martel and Roman Emperor Constantine IV to protect Western Civilization were for nothing.

Now the West just invites the enemies of their culture in to replace the European babies aborted and birth controlled out of existence.

God help us.

The European Union Raises the
White Flag of Surrender
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France is Dead - Le Pen gets only 22% of the vote


Anonymous said...

It`s a farfetched title , gary .
What was at stake in this election was , a "third way" to adress France death as a progressive nation on economics .
France made revolutions , but cannot made reforms .
Fillon , who intended to reform scelerotic France economics , scare the "situationists" , so those gave to press the " fake jobs " to bring in down .
Between those who played with France elections , there was not any other goal than to ... put reforms away ... from the reign of subsidized social gov.budget handout France .
But the plan B , was Macron , a " Ken French well spoken dummie " who will not do any of the reforms he said ... as Trumpa ... to bring "the grandeaur de la France"
France grandeaur only came in the beginning of her birth as a nation, as she rule out stone age fascists at Poitiers as you say , made a central europe empire , carry out a comeback in the middle cristian born east , and put english kings away from their continent soil , and got "balls" to made the napoleonic wars , and the colonial drive all over the world in the XIX century , formost north africa , and indochina , and fight back the "boches" in Verdun , after that humiliating defeat of the II empire in México , and that Prussian drive throught Paris , that carve out Alsace and Loraine .
Then came the Front Populaire .People want paid holidays , and laid back life . So when , after they stab back the austrians , the checs , and many others on Hitler apeasement wishfor thinking stupid plan with the brits ... the divided french ... divided themselves even more , in colaboracionists on germans , and a few resistants to the nazi ocupation.
After the allies , US and GB , and the russians won the II WW , the French put themselves in high wheels to came as winners too in the victory photo . But they lost a lot fighting a lost grandeur, and then Indochina , and north africa .
Neverdeless they kept a few foreign laid back outposts , and in the UE driven seat they bring a ressurgente economics in the 50 and 60 .
Then came the " rag tag , palooka , idiotic may 68 rioting " ... after that France in bound to fall even more . Those ideias are behind the ressurgent of the far right , the divided society of minorities in Franch soil , and the roll back economics .
One cannot hope that well spoken , and clean planning brain Macron , will do better on those scelerotic France state of affairs to be .
Those you call Islam surrender , as numbers rise , will be a reality no matter what France far right win , or do , or others in the democratic field .
And no matter what left lining soixant huitards leftists pallokas traitors realize after they came themselves ... that they are " flirting" with a strange pack of stone age minded ideias ... that will bring then down too.

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Anonymous said...

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