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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hungary electrifies border fence

Illegal alien Muslims walk near a razor-wire
fence secured by Hungarian police.

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Nationalism. Protecting Your Country. What a Concept.

(Infowars)  -  Hungary, which has resisted EU demands to take in more migrants, has reportedly electrified its double-sided fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border, according to local media.

Hungarian media was tipped off when border officials installed new electrocution warning signs in Arabic, Hungarian and Serbian on the fence.

“It may not be a full fence shield, but there are fixed wires running parallel to the ground,” reported journalist András Földes. “The 12 wires mounted on insulated points are visible on both fences of the double fence, with insulated portions on the inside of the fences since it’s assumed they [the migrants] will only come from the outside if they come in.”

The Hungarian government said it would further equip the fence with “night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and motion detection systems.”

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