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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Blacks Only Graduation at Harvard

Are Blacks The New Racists?

  • Black students look to segregate themselves from fellow students of Hispanic, European or Asian background.

(Allen West)  -  If you’ve ever needed any more evidence that our world has been turned upside down by liberals, here it is.
Harvard University, one of the most prestigious and liberal-thinking institutions in our nation has decided it is now desirable to hold blacks-only graduation ceremonies. Which apparently means there will be ceremonies for whites only.
After the decades of action civil rights activists have spent supposedly trying to make Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream a reality, where people are judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, we’ve come full circle.
Folks at Harvard are judging solely by skin color.
Per the Daily Wire, “Aside from studying and taking grueling tests, if you’re a minority, the outer pressures of society make the already challenging coursework even more difficult. Knowing this, Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony. It’s the first of its kind at the school in recent memory and took nearly a year to plan,” reports BET.
“The separate graduation is an effort to highlight the aforementioned struggles and resilience it takes to get through those.”

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Going back to the bad old days
In the olden days segregation was evil and African Americans fought 
against it.
But no more as Blacks embrace what they once fought against.
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Mexicans need not apply for Black only dorms

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