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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jihad in the Philippines: Muslims bomb Christian city, 14 dead, 50 wounded

It is not paranoia
If they really are out to get you

(Pamela Geller)  -  The majority Catholic nation has been under siege by Muslims waging jihad. Bloody terror.
The Philippines has made extraordinary concessions to the violent Muslim uprising. But as we know, that only leads to more violence and more demands for an even bigger Islamic state. Islamic terror rages on in the Philippines
Worse, these supremacist savages are rewarded. The modern-day manifestation of the caliphate, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), had “observer status” in the “talks” between the Philippine government and the jihadist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Muslim terrorists slaughter and the OIC “mediates.”
It would be comical if it weren’t so deadly. The Philippines (a former American protectorate and 95% Catholic country) has had to give up territory and “share wealth” with these jihadi rebels.


Daily Mail, May 23, 2017:
Two explosions rocked a largely Christian city in the southern Philippines today, killing 14 people and wounding about 50, in what police said could be attacks by Muslim extremists.
The bombings in General Santos city – some 215 miles from where US forces were holding counter terrorism exercises with their Filipino counterparts – were the bloodiest in the mainly Christian country since suspected Muslim extremists killed 14 and wounded over 100 in a wave of bombings in the capital Manila in December 2000.
“We have leads and suspects. Within a few hours or days we will get them,” regional police chief Colonel Bartolome Baluyot told Reuters by phone. He refused to name the suspects but said they were from the same group blamed for two bomb attacks in General Santos last year, which killed four people.
Police had blamed last year’s attacks on Muslim guerrillas fighting for an Islamic state in the south of the country.
In Sunday’s attacks, a home-made bomb left in a parked pedicab exploded as shoppers waited for rides home outside a shopping mall.
Ten minutes later, another bomb thrown by unidentified attackers exploded near a residential compound.
Police said they suspected the bomb-throwers had also planted the first bomb.
The victims were shoppers, public transport drivers and street hawkers gathered outside the mall, as well as children.
“I think there may be more dead because many of the injured are in serious condition,” Baluyot said. More than half of the injured were in serious condition in hospitals, he added.
After the explosions, a man who said he represented the Muslim Abu Sayyaf guerrilla group, which operates in the country’s south and is linked by the United States to Saudi-born militant Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network, called local RMN radio and claimed responsibility for the blasts.

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