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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UKIP: "Torys have betrayed us on immigration"

Have No Fear, The Sheeple Will Vote
For Open Borders "Conservatives"

  • You can lead a Sheeple voter to the ballot box, but you cannot make him THINK.

(Breitbart London)  -  The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has attacked the Tories for failing to slash immigration, putting a “balanced” zero net migration policy at the heart of their general election pitch.

It comes as reports suggest the Tories will once again promise to bring net migration below 100,000 in their manifesto – a pledge they have failed to come even close to meeting since they first made it in 2010.

UKIP said the Tory target was “vacuous” as they had betrayed voters on the issue “time and time again”.

In response, UKIP is proposing to ensure the same number of people come into the country as leave over a five-year period. In recent years, about 300,000 people a year left the UK but more than 600,000 immigrants have arrived.

So, in practice, the party is promising to slash the number of migrants arriving in the UK roughly in half, from 600,000 to 300,000. A new Migration Control Commission would be created and told to deliver the target.

Launching the policy in central London Monday, UKIP immigration spokesman John Bickley attacked Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her party’s immigration record.

“They are lost,” said Mr. Bickley, “They know that last year’s referendum result was driven in a large part by our country’s desire to take back control of immigration, but there is no will in the Tory party to deliver this."

“The Tories are so in hock to their big business multi-national corporate chums that they would rather see wages for working people in this country driven down by mass migration rather than acting to control immigration in the best interests of this nation.

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This is the Eternal Question
Where have the Conservatives gone?
It does not matter if we are talking about the UK "Conservative" Party or the so-called "Conservative" Republican Party.  In both cases the "Conservatives" drop their pants and bend over to import millions of legal and illegal aliens to screw their own citizens and drive down wages.

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Anonymous said...

Things will adapt to the nature of things .
If theres no more jobs, houses, social handouts , what nature will do ?
Why they may came to Britain ?
Sightseeing ?