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Monday, May 8, 2017

Open Borders "Conservatives" win election

The Death of the West
Open borders "Conservatives" win against all 
the other open borders parties.

(New York Times)  -  Voters in Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein, handed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party an unexpected victory in a state election on Sunday, suggesting that Germans were willing to back the center-right in a year when the chancellor is seeking a fourth term.

Local issues like education, traffic and security dominated the race, in which a largely unknown 43-year-old led Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union to victory. The loss was the second in a row for the incumbent Social Democrats, after another state, Saarland, voted the conservatives into power in March.

“Nobody will argue that the Christian Democrats are the clear winners tonight,” said Daniel Günther, the party’s top candidate in Schleswig-Holstein, who will now face the task of forming a new government. “We won with clear points that spoke to voters.”

The Christian Democrats won about 32 percent of the vote, while the Social Democratic Party trailed with about 27 percent, partial results and projections showed.

The Social Democrats expressed disappointment with the results. “It is something that gets under your skin and makes us all sad,” Martin Schulz, the party’s leader, told supporters at its headquarters in Berlin. “We had counted on a better result.”

The nationalist, populist Alternative for Germany party passed the 5 percent vote threshold needed to make it into the state legislature in Schleswig-Holstein, entering the 12th of 16 state legislatures. But partial results showed that the party had earned only 5.9 percent of the vote.

The upstart party rode a wave of anger and uncertainty to considerable popularity in several eastern states last year, after Ms. Merkel’s decision to take in nearly one million refugees, but it has failed to perform as strongly in elections in the western states this year.

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Schleswig-Holstein State Election
Open borders parties took 94% of the vote.
Europe is Doomed.

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Anonymous said...

As money go down in germans pockets , and economics stay strong , people look the other way on other social issues , as suicidal migration policies .
More so in "holocaust memory blaming self-injured Germany" , a "wuss country" in Central Europe , beeing left out by the EU , and on Putin radar of influence . As US GIs said , germans soldiers run in, on deep pocket overalls .
So gary , if you are hoping for other way of the "Close Borders mov " rise up , you better buy a few lattes, and prepare for a big wait .
Only the others minorities may challenge that , women orgs , lgbt orgs , yazidii orgs , kurds orgs , civil liberties orgs .
As the far left is flirting with the stone age practice of most migration culture , for short gain influence in US and Europe .