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Thursday, May 11, 2017

GOP goes after General Flynn (and Trump)

GOP Traitors

  • The majority party decides the agenda.  PERIOD.  
  • So why does the majority GOP deliberately ally themselves with Democrats and hold hearings on the phony "Russian connection"?  Simply, both parties oppose Trump.

(The Gateway Pundit)  -  Wednesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena to Michael Flynn for documents they feel are related to their investigation into “Russian interference”.

This information came out via a joint statement from chair Richard Burr and ranking member Mark Warner. Flynn had offered to testify before the Senate and House intelligence committees in exchange for immunity but neither committee appears to have accepted the offer.

The Senate intelligence committee has subpoenaed former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn for documents related to the panel’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling.
Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican chairman, and Sen. Mark Warner, the committee’s Democratic vice chairman, say the panel had first requested the documents from Flynn on April 28. They say Flynn’s lawyer declined to cooperate with the request."
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Gingrich on Comey's firing: 
Trump had no choice

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Anonymous said...

Flynn fell into a trap , made by the OWO , Putin , and the clepthocrats dictators of this world from whom America grownth , and so the Westworld , will be bad ... and for traitor Trump .