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Friday, March 3, 2017

Fake “anti-Muslim hate crime” posters

Fake "Hate Crimes" 
For The Simple Minded

(Jihad Watch)  -  “The alleged creator of the flyers said they weren’t meant to be ‘anti-Muslim,’ but designed to ‘shock and anger people’ by using the Japanese internment as a cautionary tale.”
It worked: people are indeed shocked and angered, but not, at least from the looks of this story, over the prospect of the internment of Muslims, but apparently over the fact that this fellow was so insensitive as to remind these snowflakes of a traumatic historical event.
In any case, the key point here is that absolutely no one in or around the Trump administration is proposing or contemplating proposing the internment of Muslims. This is hysterical fearmongering designed to prevent the President from taking the legal and reasonable actions he actually has proposed in order to protect Americans from jihad violence.

“Muslim Internment Style Posters Found on UCSD Campus,” by Dave Summers and Jaspreet Kaur, NBC San Diego, March 1, 2017 (thanks to CJ):
Students were outraged Wednesday after several posters were placed on the UC San Diego campus suggesting internment for Muslims. NBC 7 received information from someone claiming responsibilty who admitted the posters were meant to shock and anger residents. NBC 7’s Dave Summers reports.
It called for the evacuation of members of the Islamic faith living in San Diego County.
In part, the poster read:
“All Muslim persons, both alien and non-alien, will be evacuated from the above disignated [sic] area by 12:00 o’clock noon Wednesday, April 8, 2017. No Muslim person will be permitted to enter or leave the above discribed area after 8:00 a.m., Thursday, April 2, 2017, without obtaining special persmission [sic] from the Provost Marshal at the Civil Control Station…”
NBC 7 received an email from a person who claimed responsibility for the flyers. The alleged creator of the flyers said they weren’t meant to be “anti-Muslim,” but designed to “shock and anger people” by using the Japanese internment as a cautionary tale.
“The posters were meant to mimic the internment posters because I wanted to shock/anger people and to show them what could happen if they didn’t do anything to stop it. It was a warning presented as a possible future,” the email read….
Students who spoke to NBC 7 Wednesday evening said they were outraged at the flyers and the tone it took about the Japanese internment.
“To mock it and to make fun of it or to even take it seriously is messed up. It’s just wrong,” student Kra Bars said.
“It should be taken seriously because this is not a joke,” freshman Silvina Rodriguez said.
“It’s not right. They shouldn’t be allowed to do any of this,” Argo Hall resident Rosa Moreno said….

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