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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Death of the West - Geert Wilders Fails

Voters Say:
"Bring in Muslims by the Millions"

  • Europeans are giving away their homelands, language, religion and culture to the illegal and legal aliens from Muslim nations.
  • In the Netherlands voters gave their support to open borders parties on both the Right and the Left rather than voting for the one party wanting to close the borders.
  • Naturally the Media Machine calls the Nationalists "Nazis" to frighten non-thinking Sheeple voters.

(London Daily Mail)  -  Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders has accused the country's victorious Prime Minister Mark Rutte of treating his supporters like 'semi Nazis' after his party lost the General Election.

Rutte's VVD party won with a predicted 32 seats in the 150-seat parliament, while Wilders' populist PVV party is joint second with 19 seats, alongside the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and the Democracy party (D66).

The anti-Islam politician has previously promised to deliver a Nexit, a Dutch version of Brexit from the EU, and a 'patriotic revolution' to the Dutch people.

The loss represent a decrease of 10 seats for Rutte and an increase of seven seats for Wilders.

Speaking after exit polls predicted he had won his third term as Prime Minister, a jubilant Rutte said: 'This is an evening where the Netherlands, after Brexit and Trump, said 'That's enough of the wrong sort of populism'.

This year's elections saw the highest turnout in the past 31 years, with 82 per cent of people going out to vote.
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