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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pro-illegal alien groups given $291 million in taxpayer cash

Liars of the GOP

  • As usual the GOP is missing in action.  It takes The Daily Caller to break the news that mountains of cash is being given to illegal alien groups.
  • The open borders GOP not only ignores the border but votes to spend the money. Traitors all!!!!

(Daily Caller)  -  Taxpayers funded eight nonprofits that serve, protect or advocate for illegal immigrants with more than $291 million between 2012 to 2016, according to an analysis of federal spending data and tax documents by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.
The eight groups — including at least one that endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 — provide a variety of support to illegal aliens, ranging from legal and social services to political advocacy.
Ninety-four percent of the public funds — or, nearly $274 million — came from the federal government, according to data obtained from USAspending.gov and 990 tax forms.
The $291 million total in public funding, however, is almost certainly an underestimate, since the respective 990s of each implicated nonprofit for all five years were not always available. Additionally, those groups only represent a small sample of publicly-funded pro-illegal immigrant nonprofits.
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