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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bill Clinton Fired U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions

Thanks to Ninety Miles from Tyranny

As liberals react in horror over Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to ask for the resignation of 46 Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys, an inconvenient fact has also surfaced. Jeff Sessions himself was fired by a newly elected president in 1993 when Bill Clinton won his first term in office.

The Department of Justice announced on Friday that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignation of 46 U.S. Attorneys who were appointed during President Barack Obama’s regime.

The Attorney General’s actions are not uncommon. Many past presidents and their AGs have asked for the resignations of U.S. attorneys they were tasked with overseeing. In 2006 George W. Bush was attacked by liberals for firing seven U.S. attorneys. He was hardly the first. Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan fired a list of attorneys when they...Read More HERE

Politicians love to "Press the Flesh"

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Anonymous said...

man ... how Sessions as young looks like a "stool pigeon agent provocateur" we got over here ... "a sbirii" ... short one ... doh