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Monday, March 27, 2017

Phony "Outrage" as Corpses Pile Up in The Middle East

Humans are Fucking Insane

  • The political liar class claims there is "international outrage" at civilian deaths in Mosul. 
  • But for some strange reason there was no "international outrage" as the CIA shipped mountains of weapons to Islamists in Syria that directly resulted in the ISIS invasion of Iraq.
  • The Middle East has been turned into an open graveyard and giant pile of rubble by the village idiot Bush and Comrade Obama. Now we see Trump being sucked into a war created by the CIA.

(The Guardian)  -  Iraqi military leaders have halted their push to recapture west Mosul from Islamic State as international outrage grew over the civilian toll from airstrikes that killed at least 150 people in a single district of the city.
The attack on the Mosul Jadida neighbourhood is thought to have been one of the deadliest bombing raids for civilians since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Rescuers were still pulling bodies from the rubble on Saturday, more than a week after the bombs landed, when the US-led coalition confirmed that its aircraft had targeted Isis fighters in the area.
They carried out the attack on 17 March “at the request of the Iraqi security forces”, and have now launched a formal investigation into reports of civilian casualties, the coalition said.

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The CIA Just Wants To Watch The World Burn
CIA created Islamist terrorism in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq is
ignored by the corrupt media and is funded by both the Dems and GOP.


Anonymous said...

When you are desperate.... these "false flag" tactics work really well. Stupid people in large groups get "outraged" pretty easy (sheeple... I see sheeple everywhere).... One scenario that was brought up was having a small nuke smuggled into Mecca The OUTRAGE in the Muslim word would be.... well.. outrageous.....
WHO would do such a thing....???? Why Israel of course. EVERY Arab country would be sending bombers & missiles into Israel.... and of course, we would have to step in (NATO.... LOL... they'd probably side with the Arabs..... The UN.. would condemn both Israel AND the US and want to send in "Peacekeeping troops" to stop the violence......

Yeah.. I can see this happening.....

Anonymous said...

you blinded by hatefull thoughts !!!
well ... and where those pallokas who want to kick the world to smithreens , go to buy a small nuke , to blow over that sacred city of Islam , and put the blame on the jews ?
north korea ?
pakistan ?
iran ? they got it already ?
what a kind of bezerk Homeland scenario ... or 24 !!!!
what a kind of world will became on it , tell me ?
don`t you realize that uranium or plutonium got a "signature" ??????
as sure they got the correct isothope reading ... those real bastards who stage that ruse on Islam sacred city , will go down ...
are you really willing to start armagedom for striff sectarian wars ???
those scenarious are already since many years at the rulers table in the USA and Russia , and they talk on it often to prevent a thing as stupid as that ... as soon as that happen the countryruler with those isothop nuclear small nuclear device Reading will go up to hell ... whatever who he was

you saw that happen in 24 as an fictionnal script

you not as original as you thought you are

Anonymous said...

or on that movie or series that i don`t remember the name ... in which a sinai tribesman found a missed nuclear device fallen fron a F4 in the Yom Kippur war

a fiction ...

they are not at the near Kwik-a-mart shop ... nobody can put hands on it

so try to be more earthly bound to peace and understanding on those peoples of this world of ours

Anonymous said...

china too are connect with the us and russia on that scenario of yours ...
thats the number one scenario that world nuclear powers got for a "rogue" terror act on sacred soil to start a new World Global War ...
its a common knowledge from all international scolars and intelligence services ...