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Sunday, March 12, 2017

20th Anniversary - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Those Were The Days

  • I just powered through all 12 episodes of season one Buffy.  It had been a while, but the joy was still there. The humor, the acting and for me the eternal drooling over Cordelia Chase.
  • You can see so much of the off the wall humor of Buffy and Angel that Joss Whedon brought to The Avengers.
  • If you have not seen Buffy get the DVDs or stream it. If you are an old fan then it is time to get reacquainted.

(CNN) - Sarah Michelle Gellar showed love for her Scooby Gang on the 20th Anniversary of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series premiere.
"20 years ago today, I had the greatest privilege to bring Buffy to your TV screens for the first time," Gellar wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. "It was a long and challenging road to get there. First the movie, then a passed-over pilot presentation, and eventually a mid-season time slot on a little-known network. That first season, we liked to think of ourselves as the little show that could."
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" premiered March 10, 1997, on The WB network and aired there for five seasons. The final two seasons aired on UPN.
"While we knew the potential, I don't think any of us saw the lasting impact our show would have," Gellar added. "As an actor, you wish for that one role where you can leave your mark and forever be remembered, with Buffy I got so much more.

The cult favorite, created by Joss Whedon, was praised for having a strong female protagonist and has been credited for helping revive genre television.
"She's a feminist challenge to gender hierarchy," Gellar said of her character. "Buffy may have been the Chosen One, but I was the lucky one."
Gellar went on to thank Whedon "for trusting me to give life to one of the greatest female characters ever created." She also gave individual thanks to cast members David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Alyson Hannigan and Michelle Trachtenberg.
Buffy's circle of friends often referred to themselves as the "Scooby Gang."
Missing from her shoutouts were Nicholas Brendon, who played Buffy's best male companion Xander, and Anthony Stewart Head, who played her mentor.
Gellar's castmates have also joined in on the 20th anniversary social media party.
Emma Caufield, who played Anya, said she was thankful for the "gift that changed my life forever."
Head gave a nod to the Mutant Enemy logo that closed the show's broadcasts.
Gellar closed her note with a thank you to the show's fans.
"We made this show for you, and your unwavering support has kept this show going long past our seven years," she wrote. "You are everything. And always remember ... 'if the apocalypse comes, beep me.'"
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