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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Russian Terminator kills humans from 4 miles away

Ain't Life Just Fucking Grand

  • Just wait until the military, in their "wisdom", adds artificial intelligence to the Terminators. Naturally the liar spokes-holes will claim it is for our protection.

(Internation Business Times)  -  Russian scientists have unveiled a new high-tech robot that they claim can accurately detect and kill humans from over four miles away. Designed for use near volatile borders it is claimed the 'Flight' robot can also detect and shoot aerial threats such as low-flying drones or vehicles from up to six miles away.

Using radar, thermal imaging and both colour and black-and-white video cameras, the robot can also discover information about the origins of drones and track their movements before sending the information to Russian military bases.

The robot can use multiple long-range grenade launchers and is currently going through operational tests, with chief project engineer Dmitry Perminov saying the device has already been used to protect public property.

He said, according to the Mirror: "In its structure there is a radar unit that detects a target: human - to about 7km distance, the car - up to 10km. After detection, the target is engaged using an optical system.

The news of the latest weapons development in Russia comes as tensions between Nato and the Kremlin deteriorate to levels not seen since the Cold War. The 28-member bloc has agreed to triple the size of an incumbent response force on its eastern border to 40,000 troops in the face of so-called "Russian aggression" since the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

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