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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

GOP Senators Look to Screw Over Trump & the Voters

GOP Warmongers & Assholes
Attack Trump
Yet more proof that Trump ran against TWO 
parties to win the White House

  • Rand Paul  -  After starting off strong Paul has proved to be a major dissapointment to me. Paul struts around pretending to be some pseudo Libertarian intellectual while totally ignoring average voters. Paul wants to block Trump, but where is the Paul "outrage" and Senate filibuster on protecting our borders from invasion by illegals? the exporting of American jobs? the importing of H1B workers to replace Americans? or the endless inconstitutional foreign wars? Paul is invisible. He is just another phony Bullshitter.
  • Lindsay Graham  -  This open borders/warmonger prick will not go away until he gets his war with Russia and every American citizen worker has been replaced by low wage foreigners.

(Reuters) - A small number of influential Republicans in the Senate are threatening to block appointments to Trump's administration, derail his thaw with Russia and prevent the planned wall on the border with Mexico.

The party held onto control of the Senate at the Nov. 8 election but by only a thin margin, putting powerful swing votes in just a few hands.
That empowers Republican Senate mavericks such as Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas. Both were bitter rivals to Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.
Paul, a libertarian lone wolf, says he will block Senate confirmations if Trump nominates either former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani or former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to be secretary of state.

South Carolina's Lindsay Graham has started publicly outlining places he might be willing to oppose Trump. He is against the Mexican border wall and is delivering warnings against Trump's intention to revoke legal status for undocumented immigrants brought here as children - although that would not require congressional approval.
Graham, a traditional Republican foreign policy hawk, strongly disagrees with Trump's attempt to improve ties with Russia.
"I am going to be kind of a hard ass" on Russia, Graham told reporters recently. "We can’t sit on the sidelines" and let cyber attacks blamed on Russia "go unanswered."
Other Senators who might defy Trump are Arizona's John McCain and Jeff Flake, Nebraska's Ben Sasse, Florida's Marco Rubio, Maine's Susan Collins and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, said senior Senate aides and lawmakers.
These lawmakers have ruffled feathers in the past and some have a good political reason not to fear Trump: Paul, McCain, Murkowski and Rubio do not have to run for reelection until 2022. Graham, Collins and Sasse will have to face the voters in 2020; Cruz and Flake have an earlier election, in 2018.
Paul was asked last week on MSNBC if he would put a hold on Giuliani or Bolton. In the Senate, a hold allows a single senator to delay a confirmation. He left open the possibility of such a move, saying, “I feel pretty strongly about it.”
He said: "We have a 52-48 majority, all it would take is two or three Republicans to say they can’t go along with Giuliani and can’t go along with Bolton.”
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Anonymous said...

who need to attack Trump ?
he`s backwards everything he promises
rah rah rah
what a hoax , gar !!!!

Anonymous said...

look ga...ga...gar

now even Hamilton want to see Trumpa in the show ...

all a bunch of sellouts , Trumpa a ruse from foreign banks , and dictators

Gary said...

Get the fuck off my blog asshole. Any future meaningless BS will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

look at that major dundee

Tyler Cowen: What If Trump Wanted More Illegal Immigration? Wait, He’s On It!

Imagine that a new U.S. president, different from the one we just elected, set out to maximize the number of illegal Mexican immigrants. Maybe he or she saw electoral advantage in this, or maybe just thought it was the right thing to do. But how to achieve that end? Imagine also that I was called into the Oval Office to give advice.

I would start by recommending an enormous new program of fiscal stimulus and construction. Let’s rebuild our roads, bridges and power grids, and put up some new infrastructure as well, including perhaps an unfinished border wall. That will require a lot of labor, and Mexican labor, including that of the illegal variety, is common in the construction business. The financial crisis, and the resulting freeze-up in the housing market, was a major reason why Mexican migration to the United States went into reverse, so a new building program might counteract that trend.

Anonymous said...

meanningless ?!

gary , look on what Trump say now will do , as what he said on the campaign !!

even if you pull out all the unions soldiers and the rebs , you couldn`t not push that fight to a victorious end on america sake

america is doom , as Cali you tell us are now

Anonymous said...

Now they replace brainless , who UN cannot notice where in , Samantha Power , by Nicky Haley kwik-a-mart fast trainee 5 minutes special breafing one , on foreign affairs ...
really awesome ... bad to worse
on Syria Samantha talk and talk as they care s*** . now what ?
who`s go to notice now that US got a foreign affairs agenda in the UN ?
They have one ?