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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, November 4, 2016

GOP Electoral College to Vote for Hillary?

Electoral College Theft
Look for GOP Electoral College delegates 
to abandon Trump for Hillary

By Gary;

Even if The Donald wins on election day that does not mean he wins the election. There is still the Electoral College.

As most know, the President is really elected by party appointed delegates to the Electoral College from each state.

I hope for a Trump blow out landslide against the Hildabeast. If that happens the election is safe.

But if it is close with Trump winning by only four or five electoral college votes then look for the Oligarchs to steal the election.

Stealing Electoral College Votes  -  The so-called "delegates" to the Electoral College are nothing more than party appointed hacks who have been "elected" by no one.

We saw in the primary where the corrupt Oligarchs in the GOP appointed anti-Trumpers to be Trump's delegates to the GOP Convention.  Only in an insane Bizarro World do your enemies appoint your delegates for you. But that is the moronic system we pretend to be free elections.

The same applies to Electoral College delegates.

And here is the danger. No one knows who the Hell these "delegates" are!  We have seen the lackeys of the Bush Dynasty openly endorsing Clinton. If the loyalists to the Bush Dynasty have 50 to 80 Electoral College GOP delegates, in a close election what is to stop half a dozen from switching sides and casting their votes for Hillary?

This happened in 1972 when Republican Elector Roger MacBride abandoned Richard Nixon and cast his vote for Libertarian Party Presidential candidate John Hospers.

The Establishment Oligarchs deeply hate The Donald and his People's Revolution. Watch for the steal.

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real strange kind of election