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Friday, November 18, 2016

Paris Hilton: "I voted for Trump"

Hey, never turn away support
My problem is getting past the classic 
Paris Hilton South Park episode.

(Breitbart)  -  Socialite and DJ Paris Hilton voted to Make America Great Again.
In an interview on Australian television Thursday, the hotel heiress confirmed that she voted for Republican Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election earlier this month.
“I’ve known him since I was a little girl, so yes,” Hilton told Network Ten’s The Project program on Thursday.
Hilton has previously said that she and Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter, were close friends growing up, but had thus far refused to say whether she voted for the billionaire businessman.
In fact Trump himself penned a small blurb to go on the back of Hilton’s 2004 memoir Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose: “I have known Paris Hilton for much of her young life and have always recognized her as a great beauty. What people don’t know is that she is a great beauty on the inside as well,” he wrote.
Hilton told The Project that having a quote from the President of the United States on the back cover of her book was “amazing.”
“I’ve known him my entire life and he’s always been incredibly supportive of me, so I’m very proud to have that on my book,” she said.
In an impromptu interview with TMZ earlier this month, Hilton demurred when asked outright if she had voted for Trump.
“My mother always told me never to talk about politics or money,” Hilton said then.
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