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Monday, November 21, 2016

Communists arrest independent candidates for Congress

Worship The State NOT Freedom
Independent candidates taking on the Chinese 
Communist Party have incredible guts.

(Radio Free Asia)  -  Police in Shanghai have detained three people after they tried to canvass for an independent candidate in forthcoming elections to district-level People's Congress legislative bodies.

Veteran rights activists Feng Zhenghu, Zheng Peipei, Xu Peiling and Cui Fofang were taken away by local police as they canvassed potential voters in Shanghai's Wujiaochang district.

The trio had been handing out leaflets in support of Feng's candidacy in forthcoming People's Congress elections, and were detained at around 3.00 p.m. on Sunday, Feng told RFA.

Feng was later released, but calls to the cell phones of Xu and Cui resulted in switched-off messages on Monday.

"A few of us went to the police station to see if we could find them today, but we were told that they haven't been released yet," Feng said on Monday.

"They are still being held in the police station here in Wujiaochang."

Feng said he and his fellow activists had gathered at around 2.00 p.m. to begin handing out leaflets, and were taken away around one hour later.
China's "Independent Candidates" Irk Ruling Communist Party

Beijing human rights lawyer Cheng Hai (C) being harassed by police after
canvassing as a People's Congress district election candidate, Nov. 13, 2016.

"Cui Fufang called me as they were taking her away and I ran out and found her," Feng said. "The police told me she was being summoned for questioning."

"I asked if they had a warrant, and [the police officer] said he had a verbal warrant."

The detentions are believed to be the second for Cui and the third for Xu since Feng's attempted candidacy began.
Stifling Feng's candidacy
Shanghai-based rights activist Chen Jianfang said Xu and the others had already been detained for more than 24 hours, in a bid to stifle Feng's attempted candidacy.

"Before, they would just hold them for a few hours, maybe five or six, before releasing them," Chen said. "But now they've been inside for more than 24 hours."

She said police may hand an administrative jail term to the activists, long enough to keep them out of the way duringWednesday's local election.

"I'm guessing that they'll be locked up for a few days this time," Chen said. "They will be choosing the People's Congress deputies on the 16th, and their aim is to prevent Feng Zhenghu from becoming a deputy."

Chen said the move was unconstitutional, however.

"Citizens have the right both to run for election and to vote in elections," she said. "They are trampling the constitution underfoot, because might is right; there's no such thing as the rule of law."

Feng, whose election slogan reads "Uphold the constitution: live a happy life!" said he had pledged in his promotional leaflets to uphold constitutional government and to protect the rule of law.

China's electoral guidelines state that candidates may put themselves forward if they receive recommendations from at least 10 local voters in direct elections to district and township level People's Congresses.

But powerful vested interests mean that the majority of local "elections" are decided in advance, while independent candidates are frequently targeted for persecution, harassment, and detention.

Official media have also warned that there is "no such thing" as an independent candidate.
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Communist Thugs
In this photo taken Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, security personnel block journalists from visiting independent government candidate Liu Huizhen, unseen, in Beijing, China. Liu, a petite, soft-spoken farmer's daughter who wants to serve her community, might seem an unlikely threat to China's all-powerful Communist Party.

Yet, as Chinese vote Tuesday for low-level representatives, authorities have responded to Liu's bid as an independent candidate in a southwestern district of Beijing by sending several dozen men with buzz cuts and barking voices to follow her around and prevent her from meeting with voters.

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You don't need to stuff the ballot box when the independent candidates are in jail.


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