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Thursday, November 3, 2016

2,000 companies import legal workers & fire Americans

Screwing Over American Citizen Workers

  • Both of our open borders parties are falling all over themselves to import as many legal and illegal workers as possible in order to lower wages for their Masters on Wall Wall Street.

(World Net Daily)  -  President Obama’s Department of Labor has identified dozens of U.S. employers who are violating the rules of the nation’s foreign guest-worker program, yet are still being allowed to continue replacing American workers with cheaper foreign labor.
The Center for Immigration Studies has published two maps identifying chronic users and abusers of the so-called H1-B visa program.
The first map contains the names of 2,000 employers across the U.S. that are “dependent” on foreign guest workers coming in to fill jobs that would ordinarily be taken by Americans if not for the program, passed by Congress, that allows them to hire foreigners at lower wages. These firms actually prefer foreign workers over Americans.

The second map includes “willful” violators, which are companies that have skirted the rules and abused the program, yet, in most cases have not been barred by Obama’s DOL from continuing to use the program.
This map includes a bevy of technology companies across the country as well as a dairy farm in rural Michigan, a small-town country store in Georgia operated by an Indian owner, and a large public-school district in Maryland. Only about a dozen of these ‘willful’ violators, pinpointed in red on the map, have been barred from continued use of the visa program. Click here to see the names of the companies.
The Center for Immigration Studies, which produced the maps using publicly available data, is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank specializing in immigration issues.
The  H-1B visa allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers for skilled positions at wages well under the prevailing rates paid to American workers. The foreign workers can stay in the U.S. and work for a single employer for up to six years.
The maps are noteworthy not only for who they name, but for who they don’t name.
Walt Disney Co. was not included on either of the two maps, not the one showing addicted employers or the one showing abusers of the program.  This supports what Sen. Jeff Sessions has said in arguing against the expansion of the H1-B program, that Disney’s actions, seen as egregious by most Americans, were entirely within the rules set out by Congress when it passed the guest-worker laws.
During the GOP primary debates Sen. Marco Rubio, a backer of the H1-B visa program who has lobbied for more than tripling the number of such visas allowed on an annual basis, claimed that companies that replace Americans like Disney were “abusing” the program and should be barred from it.
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Many of the nearly 1000 Southern California Edison IBEW 47 workers carry signs as they march along Walnut Grove Avenue in Rosemead in front of the SCE corporate office last February to denounce the decision to lay off hundreds of information technology workers so SCE can outsource the positions to India or replace them with foreign workers who have H-1B Visas.  Many workers are not speaking out because they signed confidentiality agreements and could lose their severance packages.  (Orange County Register.com)

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