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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Park Ranger Uniforms "Threaten" Latinos

Playing the Hispanic Race Card
Against Americans

  • Retarded race-baiting Latino "activists" will do anything to stir up racial hatred and drag down American society.
  • Special Note:  Funny that immigrants from China, Egypt, India or Greece do not feel "threatened" by park ranger uniforms.

(CNS News- A coalition of legislators and civil rights groups say the National Park Service needs to focus on increasing inclusion on public lands, including possibly changing the “threatening” uniforms of Park Rangers.
“What we’re calling for is drastic, very scary change,” Maite Arce of the Hispanic Access Foundation said at a press conference Thursday.
“One example I can give you is with the Latino community, especially among the border states, but even nationwide, just the simple color of the uniforms that rangers wear.”
“It’s such a shame that something as simple as the uniform and it’s similarity to the border patrols uniform – in the coloring - could be very threatening to certain segments of the Latino population. So a discussion about that is going to be really tough.” Arce later added.
“Review names of sites throughout system for cultural bias. Some may require comprehensive name changes to reflect a broader and more inclusive history.”
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Liberal Insanity
Park rangers "frighten" Latinos

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