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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Will it be Speaker Kevin McCarthy?

Kevin is a good guy
The GOP could do a lot worse than making Kevin Speaker

By Gary;

Kevin was my Congressman for a number of years and will be again in a couple of months.  He regularly made the 3,000 mile trip home to California to visit the district and aggressively addressed our needs.  

As Majority Leader and Whip, Kevin worked like the Devil to elect Republicans all over the nation.

Kevin is a typical right-of-center Republican.  Translation, Big Government will be more or less safe just as it would be under just about ANY other Republican.

I would say Kevin is a bit more Conservative than Boehner.  The Hill reports: "McCarthy has been shoring up his right flank this past year ahead of any future run for Speaker. His regular outreach to rank-and-file members has included phone calls, text messages and dinner invitations to members of the Freedom Caucus — a group Boehner views as a nuisance."

It will be interesting to see how the race for Speaker shakes out.  But we could do a lot worse than Kevin.  

Let's forget the "fire breathing bullshit" of the rapid right-wing.  Kevin is not our enemy.  Never forget that our real enemies are the fucking Marxists in the Democrat Party.  We need to close ranks and kick ass in 2016.

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Kevin McCarthy's 23rd District
Massively popular in his California Central Valley based district, McCarthy ran unopposed in 2008, 2010, got 72% of the vote in 2012 and got 74% in 2014.

California's 23rd congressional district election, 2014
Primary election
RepublicanKevin McCarthy (incumbent)58,33499.1
DemocraticRaul Garcia (write-in)3130.5
RepublicanMike Biglay (write-in)1570.3
No party preferenceRonald L. Porter (write-in)360.1
LibertarianGail K. Lightfoot (write-in)310.1
GreenNoah Calugaru (write-in)30.01
Total votes58,871100.0
General election
RepublicanKevin McCarthy (incumbent)100,31774.8
DemocraticRaul Garcia33,72625.2
Total votes134,043100.0
Republican hold


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