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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If Trump destroyed the GOP would anyone notice?

"The difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is that, if the Democrats proposed burning down the White House, the Republicans would immediately counter with a measure to phase it in over three years."

Senator Malcolm Wallop
(R-Wyoming) 1933 - 2011 

By Gary;

The corrupt open borders Elites are soiling their pants that The Donald might destroy the Republicans Party.

To that I ask, if the GOP vanished would anyone even notice?

Senator Malcom Wallop (above) made an excellent observation.  The GOP retakes control of Congress only to support the bi-partisan big government, open borders agenda.

Simply, the so-called "Conservative" Republican Party is not Conservative at all but actually a Leftist FDR New Deal political party.

The GOP has eagerly adopted as their own every wet-dream radical New Deal and Great Society program ever conceived.

The GOP not only protects all big government programs but creates new ones like No Child Left Behind and Bush's prescription drug entitlement program,

The GOP Congress could not give a flying fuck about American citizen workers.  As Trump has pointed out the open borders Wall Street interests own Congress and demand endless cheap labor to drive down wages.

The Republican Congress not only refuses to seal the border, but they deliberately import millions of brand new "legal" workers into an economy where 94 million American are not working and food stamps are at record breaking levels.

Military Weakness
The serious American military decline picked up steam as the GOP took control of Congress in 1995.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are proof as countless National Guard units had to serve multiple tours in Asia because the full time army had been shrunk by the Republican Congress,

Congress votes the money and the Republicans have decided to gut our armed forces in the face of Islamic terrorism and a massive Chinese Communist military build up.

1984 Police State
The GOP created the modern, growing police state with the misnamed Patriot Act with secret courts issuing rubber stamp secret search warrants.

I have document on this Blog endless stories of Republicans in Congress funding spy systems all over the nation that are directly connected to the FBI and NSA.

Bottom Line  -  The country could be too far gone and Trump might destroy the GOP in the coming election.  But Trump might also force an end to the "controlled, managed decline" of America administered by the GOP and the Democrats. Might.

But if Trump does destroy the party it will only speed up the decline of America that GOP policies have brought about.

The GOP has been in control of the House of Representatives for 16 out of the last 20 years as spending has gone insane.

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