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Monday, September 7, 2015

Economy forces a 300,000 troop cut in China's military

China's 70th anniversary parade of victory against Japan.

The Economic Bubble Burst

  • From reports I have seen China is selling off some of the U.S. debt they hold in order to raise needed cash.  Hopefully their stock market implosion does not suck down the world economy.
  • Politicians are Liars  -  Political hacks lie to you in every nation.  After years of a Chinese military build up the military cut backs take place at the exact moment of the Chinese market crash.  The hacks use the excuse they really didn't need all those troops that they just hired.  Right, and if you believe that I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

(Times of India)  -  China's military today pledged its support for president Xi Jinping's announcement to cut 300,000 troops by 2017 to make it leaner and more effective as experts said the move will not have any major effect on the world's largest army. 

The military said all units of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) supported the communist party leadership's efforts to achieve its dream of "building a strong army", Hong Kong- based South China Morning Post quoted the PLA Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese military, as reporting today in a commentary. 

It had combined pledges from the heads of the People's Liberation Army (PLA)'s four headquarters, seven key land troops' military area commands, air force, navy, the strategic missile force, paramilitary police, military academies and grass-roots officers expressing support for the troop cut. 

In his speech at the massive military parade held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory against Japan during WW-II, Xi said the 2.3 million-strong PLA would cut its force by 300,000. 

Despite the cut, the PLA would still remain the world's largest standing army. 

While the move comes at a time when Chinese economy faced slowdown - which is beginning to have negative effect on the job market, it also caused consternation among the public as much of PLA recruitment comes from rural areas where the military is seen as a major employment generator. 

As it modernised with high-tech weaponry, the PLA also looked to recruit more graduates. 

All seven key PLA military commands, the main bases of the land forces are believed to be targets of the cuts in personnel, the Post report said. 

Party leaders from the departments of the General Staff, General Political, Logistics and General Armaments said the reduction in personnel demonstrated China's sincerity in pursuing world peace and seeking a common ground with other countries. 

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LIVE: Beijing holds WWII 70th anniversary military parade

Advance the video to the 20 minute mark.  There is a test pattern.
Beautiful HD coverage of the parade.

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