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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hungary puts army on border, Obama invites illegals to come on in

Putting troops on the border. What a concept.

Hungary beefs up border with army

Remember, they are NEVER illegal alien Muslims.  
They are "refugees" and "migrants".

(Reuters)  -  Hungary's parliament authorized the government on Monday to deploy the army to help handle a wave of migrants, granting the military the right to use non-lethal force.
It passed a law saying the army could use rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas grenades or net guns, according to the text posted on parliament's website.
Hungary, a landlocked nation of 10 million, lies in the path of the largest migration wave Europe has seen since World War Two and has registered more than 220,000 asylum-seekers this year.
Prime Minister Viktor Orban told parliament police were unable to secure all Hungary's frontiers - which include outer borders of the EU's passport-free Schengen zone - without help from the army.
"We can defend the Serbian stretch of the border," he said, adding that fortifications on that 175 km (110 mile)-long section were working better than expected.

Hungary has built a fence on the Serbian border and deployed regular patrols, leading to a drastic drop of migrants crossing it. Instead, thousands have entered Croatia and Zagreb has waved them on to Hungary again.
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Illegal alien Muslims pour into Croatia from Serbia
With the Hungarian border fence working the illegal aliens 
make a left turn into Croatia.

Meanwhile back in the USA

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