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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The ads that tore Fiorina down in 2010 — and might do it again

Is Carly a Sitting Duck?

  • Conservatives looking for an "outsider" alternative to The Donald might be out of luck with Carly.
  • As a resident of the People's Republic of California I saw my Commie Senator Barbara Boxer gut Carly's campaign on TV for her firing 30,000 American citizen workers and shipping those jobs overseas. Those two issues are perhaps even more powerful today.
  • So the question of the day:  Is Carly one of the Walking Dead?  Is her campaign over and she just does not know it yet?

(MSNBC)  -  In late 2010, polls showed Carly Fiorina within a point or two of beating California’s Democratic incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer. The Republican candidate was impressing on the trail and gaining traction with voters, much like she is now as a Republican presidential contender. 

And then the attack ads began.

“Thirty thousand Californians lost their jobs,” the narrator of an ad released in mid-September said of Fiorina’s legacy as CEO of the Silicon Valley tech giant Hewlett Packard. “Fiorina tripled her salary, bought a million dollar yacht, and five corporate jets.”

Her poll numbers dipped — and they never quite recovered. She lost the race by 10 points.

Carly torn apart by Barbara Boxer
I can easily see these ads being run again with Boxer's name 
removed and Hillary's or Trump's name added as the attacker.

As Fiorina rises through the polls and emerges from the crowded GOP field, those looking to defeat her in will look to 2010 for a playbook of how her liabilities and strengths play in a race. But the stakes and the race are very different: Fiorina lost in a deep-blue state in 2010, and she’s running in a far-right primary field five years later.  And the layoffs that hit close to home in California are thousands of miles away from states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and the other early voting states that will help determine the 2016 GOP nominee. 

In 2010, as one of Boxer’s consultants tells it, the line of attack against Fiorina wrote itself.

Dan Newman of the Democratic firm SCN Strategies remembers standing backstage at the Senate race’s only televised debate when Fiorina listed off the countries she’d outsourced jobs to — “China, India, Russia, Poland,” she said.

“We had it up in a TV ad the next day,” he said.

Newman said the key liability for FIorina was her own financial gain and the company’s spending amid those layoffs.

“She tried to talk about how she had to make tough budget cuts and make hard choices,” Newman told MSNBC. “But when people found out that while doing so she was buying herself a fleet of jets and yachts and tripling her salary … the bubble quickly popped.”

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2010 was a Tea Party landslide Republican year, 
but Carly lost her Senate election in a landslide.
Senate election, 2010

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