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Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Europe Losing Control Over Its Destiny?

Coming soon to a city near you
The rotten fruits of open borders, multicultural liberalism are becoming clear for anyone with a brain to see.

From The Gatestone Institute:
  • The move by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to force European countries to throw open their borders — and to require them to provide migrants with free clothing, food, housing and healthcare for an indefinite period of time — not only represents an audacious usurpation of national sovereignty, it is also certain to encourage millions of additional migrants from the Muslim world to begin making their way to Europe.
  • "We are not facing a refugee crisis, we are facing a migration crisis... Let us not forget that those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims. This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity. Is it not worrying in itself that European Christianity is now barely able to keep Europe Christian? If we lose sight of this, the idea of Europe could become a minority interest in its own continent." — Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary.
  • "[T]he continent is experiencing a mass movement of people not seen since the aftermath of the Second World War. Unlike the end of the war, however, none of the masses currently on the move is European... The control over one's own borders is one of the most important characteristics — and responsibilities — of a modern state. Countries lose control over their destinies and even cease to exist when they lose control over who gets in." — Arthur Chrenkoff, New York Observer.

Storming Spain's Razor-Wire Fence
Illegal alien Muslims pour into Spanish territory.

  • Statistics show that of the 625,920 people who applied for asylum in the European Union in 2014, only 29.5% were from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • "If you do not like it, just go away." — Czech Republic President Milos Zeman, commenting that no one had invited migrants to his country, but once they arrive, they should respect the rules of his country or leave.
  • "The lesson for the United States is that reducing our global influence does not increase international peace and security. Quite the opposite. Obama's retreat from the Middle East, whether in the aftermath of Libya, his disinterest in the Islamic State's continuing rise, or his surrender to Iran's nuclear-weapons program, are all part of the larger pattern." — Ambassador John R. Bolton, Fox News Opinion.
  • "Since Slovakia is a Christian country, we cannot tolerate an influx of 300,000-400,000 Muslim immigrants who would like to start building mosques all over our land and trying to change the nature, culture and values ​​of the state.... If we do not start telling the truth about migration, we will never move from this spot." — Prime Minister Robert Fico, Slovakia.

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Muslim Turkish soldiers dressed in Ottoman Janissary outfits take part in a ceremony to mark the 558th anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) by Ottoman Turks, in Istanbul May 29, 2011. “The Conqueror”, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II, captured the city in 1453 which led to the extermination of the Christian Byzantium Empire.
Seeking the Death of Christians
A Muslim army at the gate trying to kill you, rape your wife and sell your children into slavery is easy to identify and oppose.  But so-called Muslim "refugees" are portrayed in the Controlled Media as sympathetic figures who simply want to live in your nation. The "refugees" demand services and freedom of religion for themselves while Christians, Hindus and Jews are not allowed freedom of religion in Muslim nations.  Importing Islam is importing a Trojan Horse.
From day one Muslims have conquered Christian lands and forced the surviving non-Muslims to live as second class citizens in their own nations.
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Fall of Constantinople
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