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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump to Bush: Speak English when in the US

Danger Will Robinson, Danger

  • I am warming up to The Donald big time.  But he needs to be careful in throwing around red meat on immigration.  Every single time the subject comes up he needs to say "I am doing this to protect the jobs of Hispanic, African and Anglo American citizens."

(The Hill)  -  Donald Trump believes that Jeb Bush should only speak English while in the United States.

“I like Jeb,” Trump told Breitbart News on Wednesday. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

Bush, a White House hopeful in 2016, threw several jabs at his top rival in Spanish on Tuesday while campaigning in Miami.

“He doesn’t have a record, because he hasn’t been a person who has served like me, who served for eight years as governor,” Bush told a crowd in Spanish at La Progresiva Presbyterian School. “He’s not a conservative. That’s my point.”

In the interview with Breitbart News, Trump responded to questions of his conservatism by comparing himself to former President Reagan, who was once a Democrat.

“You know, Ronald Reagan wasn’t a conservative,” Trump said. “He became a great conservative. By the time I’m finished, people will say I’m a great conservative. By the time I’m finished with the presidency, after eight years of the presidency, people will say I’m a great conservative — far greater than Jeb would ever have the ability to be.”

Trump also went after Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), another candidate for the GOP nomination, for trying to undermine his campaign slogan, “Make America great again.” Rubio has said that America “is great.”

The billionaire businessman called Rubio “Jeb’s plebe.”

“If Marco thinks that the country is great now, he’ll never be elected president because it’s not what it was and it’s not great enough — and we will make the country great again,” Trump said.

“But if Marco is satisfied — I like Marco, but that means he’s satisfied. You can’t be satisfied [with where the country is now]. You have to use the word ‘again.’ It’s very important, because if he’s saying that then that means there’s no room for improvement. That means he’s satisfied, that means he’s unelectable.”

Trump continued, saying that Bush, Rubio and other politicians are for sale to the highest bidder, whereas he has only the nation’s interest in mind.

He also reiterated his stance that, if elected, he would build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday finds that 82 percent of Hispanics view Trump unfavorably.

Trump's comments about Bush came a day after he met with the head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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