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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker proves he is an idiot

Scott Walker  (AP file photo)

Idiots on Parade
Scott Walker proves he is totally clueless 
about the Middle East

By Gary;

No wonder the nation is so fucked up.

We have fools like GOP Governor Scott Walker, and many other Republican office holders and talking heads, spouting off about us overthrowing the government of Syria . . . as if that civil war is any of our business.

But with Walker's standing in the polls slipping he has started beating the war drum.  He even has repeated the moronic notion that attacking the government of Syria will stop ISIS.

Scott Walker in the Washington Times: 

“But let me be clear: Defeating ISIS and rolling back Iran will require a greater investment of U.S. resources,” he said before taking a shot at the Obama administration. “Sternly worded tweets and isolated airstrikes will not destroy this enemy.”

He said the Islamic State will not be defeated as long as Syrian President Bashar Assad “is still in power and Iran, his patron, has a base of operations in Damascus.”
“Therefore, we must do more to recruit and support fighters in Syria who oppose both ISIS and Assad,” he said.

Wake Up Call to Moron GOP Warmongers
Syria has been fighting against ISIS from day one of their civil war.  If you overthrow the Syrian government then their army that is fighting ISIS will dissolve just like Saddam Hussein's did in Iraq.  Then only Islamists would have troops in the field.

Iran has been helping Syria against ISIS because they believe in the same branch of Islam.  Let's add the Iran is also helping Iraq defend themselves from ISIS.

It should also be noted the weapons ISIS used to invade Iraq did not magically appear on a fine summer day.  ISIS and the other Islamist groups fighting Syria were armed by the CIA and our Islamist allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Walker is either too stupid to know the facts or he is deliberately lying to voters.  Both answers say he is unqualified for the office of President.

You spell it C-I-A
(New York Times)  -  With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders. 

The airlift, which began on a small scale in early 2012 and continued intermittently through last fall, expanded into a steady and much heavier flow late last year, the data shows. It has grown to include more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari
 military-style cargo planes landing at Esenboga Airport near Ankara, and, to a lesser degree, at other Turkish and Jordanian airports.l

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