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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clinton-Gate and the Looting of America

"Corruptus in Extremis"

The bipartisan looting of America goes on and on.

By Gary;

We are witnesses to a massive orgy and not the good kind of orgy either.  It is an orgy of corruption and bribery of the American political class on an international scale.

While I welcome the opportunity to crap on the Clintons at every opportunity they have only perfected the current system of retroactive bribery.

Retroactive bribery?

In the old days if you were a corporate scumbag looking for contracts, tax favors or government cash you handed the corrupt political hack an envelope stuffed with $100 bills.  But that system is dangerous with the possibility of jail time.

A far better system is that of retroactive bribery.  Mountains of cash are shoveled into the pockets of "retired" political hacks from both parties.
From Politico:
Hillary Clinton gave 51 paid speeches for a total of nearly $12 million since January 2014, while Bill Clinton edged her out slightly, with 53 speeches for $13.5 million, according to the form.
Hillary Clinton’s most lucrative speaking gigs were addresses delivered in San Diego to the Biotechnology Industry Organization and Qualcomm for $335,000 apiece.
Bill Clinton’s priciest speeches were delivered abroad to Bank of America in London, law firm Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check in Amsterdam, and to EAT: the Stockholm Food Forum. Each brought him $500,000.

Simply, would you pay $500,000 to listen to a political hack give a speech?  No way.  Only the insane pony up that cash.

The only reason that kind of money changes hands is retroactive bribery for past services rendered or a down payment for future services to be supplied when the hack returns to power.

And might I add it is 100% jail-free legal!

The hundreds of millions in campaign contributions to members of Congress in return for favors is bad enough.  But now with monster sized "speaking fees" a clear message is being sent to every hack out there:  "Give us what we want and you and your family will be set for life once you retire."

It is not just the over priced speaking fees.  We see a revolving door where Senators, Congressmen, cabinet members, generals and staffers "serve" the country and then are magically hired (for past services rendered) by corporations wanting to suck down even more tax dollars.

The bottom line result is the American people are ignored while the hacks pander to Billionaire Cartels looking to suck down billions in taxpayer cash.

It is the looting of America on a multi-national scale.

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