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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why are "Conservatives" rolling over for the liberal GOP?

Are there any Conservatives left?
  • The coming Presidential election is taking focus away from the fact that so-called "Conservatives" continue to pander to the Big Government loving GOP

By Gary;

Are American "Conservatives" even interested in being Conservative?

The re-election of open borders Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner with nearly zero opposition says it all about the state of American Conservatism.

Conservatives are boot-lickingly loyal to the Party of Big Government.  They are not loyal to Conservatism.  So now we see a "Conservative" Congress jacking up spending on every government program possible and racking up massive new debt.

Simply, you need to follow the money trail.  With his massive special interest campaign money machine Boehner holds the Tea Party "Conservatives" firmly by the balls.

Rejecting The Two Party System
The New York Conservative Party
recently elected a state legislator.

The two party system has been rejected by every democratic nation on earth from Japan to Israel to Poland to Canada.  But here in the U.S. "Conservatives" mindlessly keep voting for the party of Big Government.

True Conservatives will not have any meaningful influence in American government until they form their own political party and fundraising committees.

I have blogged before that expensive Congressional campaigns are beyond the reach of a new party.  We should target Conservative state legislative seats and take them away from the Big Government loving GOP.

Over time a new party could flip 10 to 20 seats in each state legislature thus gaining bargaining power over budgets and policy.  The Conservative Party of New York has been fighting that good fight for decades and in 2014 they elected a party member to the state legislature.  May it be the first of many.

My loyalty to the open borders GOP ended in 2003.  The time is long past for believers in Constitutional Federalism to stand up and fight back at the ballot box.

I am willing to join any national Conservative Party being formed.

Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly
Ballot freedom everywhere except in the U.S.

Green Party Wins Election to Parliament
  • The Green Party Left has no problem seeking raw political power for themselves. 
  • Meanwhile American "Conservatives" are clueless and continue to vote for the Big Government Republican Party rather than form their own parties at the state level and win seats.
  • Canada has a true multi-party system in provinces like Quebec and Ontario.  Maybe we should try election freedom in the U.S.

(CBC News)  -  Peter Bevan-Baker has made P.E.I. political history by winning the Green Party's first seat in the P.E.I. legislature.

Bevan-Baker was winning his district with an 900-vote lead over incumbent Liberal Valerie Docherty, who was at 1,001 votes with 11 of 12 polls reporting. Bevan-Baker dominated the district, taking 54 per cent of the votes.

With his win, it appears the party's strategy to put all its efforts and resources toward getting him elected was a good move.

In this, the third election for the Green Party in P.E.I., the small-party tactic of putting all their resources behind Bevan-Baker had reasonable precedents. It worked for federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and recently in New Brunswick and B.C., where David Coon and Andrew Weaver, respectively, won their seats.

Bevan-Baker made an impact during the campaign, with strong showings in two televised debates,  creating a significant social media presence.

In 2011, Bevan-Baker finished third in the district with just over nine per cent of the popular vote behind Docherty and Progressive Conservative Neila Auld.

From Hampton, dentist Bevan-Baker was acclaimed as leader of the Green Party in 2012 when Sharon Labchuck resigned after seven years at the helm.

The Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island

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