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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Joint Chiefs Chairman: "U.S. blindsided by fall of Mosul"

"Ah! the Generalsthey are numerous, but not good for much!"
Aristophanes (446 – c. 386 BC)

Retard Alert!
  • As a military historian (see my other Blog), it never ceases to amaze me how fucking stupid and/or incompetent generals can be.
  • In this case we have the full on retarded Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff admitting in public that our "leaders" have no clue what the Hell they are doing.
  • An Alternate Theory  -  The generals know EXACTLY what they are doing.  The CIA and our Islamist allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia had flooded Syria with mountains weapons to overthrow the government.  The idea that an ISIS army could move across a wide open and empty desert without being seen is not believable.  My theory is the U.S. and our allies are backing Islamists in both Syria and Libya.  But I am just a "crazy" Blogger. What do I know?

(Yahoo News)  -  Outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey admits in a new interview that the U.S. military had done no contingency planning to prepare for the fall of Mosul when Islamic terrorists swept into Iraq’s second-largest city last June and seized control.
“Well, no, there were not,” Dempsey replies in the interview with Frontline’s Martin Smith when asked if there were any contingency plans inside the Pentagon for how to respond if Mosul were to fall to terrorists from the Islamic State (or ISIL, as the group is sometimes called.)
“So, look, there were several things that surprised us about ISIL,” Dempsey adds. “The degree to which they were able to form their own coalition, both inside of Syria — and inside of northwestern Iraq; the military capability that they exhibited — the collapse of the Iraq Security Forces. Yeah, in those initial days, there were a few surprises.”

Dempsey’s frank comments would appear to raise fresh questions about the performance of U.S. intelligence agencies in tracking the rise of IS as well the state of planning inside the Obama administration as it continues to grapple with a war against the Islamic State terrorists.
John Maguire, a former senior CIA officer in Iraq, called Dempsey’s remarks “stunning” and described his admission of the failure to do any planning as comparable to the intelligence failures prior to the Sept. 11 terror attacks. He noted that Islamic State terrorists had been on the march inside Iraq for months before Mosul was attacked and that IS had already seized huge swaths of territory, including the city of Fallajuh, the previous January.
“Good lord, he should resign,” Maguire told Yahoo News, when read a transcript of Dempsey’s comments for the Frontline show, “Obama at War,” which airs Tuesday night on PBS.
“The highest ranking military officer in the country is surprised by an issue that has been percolating for over a year?” said Maguire, who now serves as an advisor to the Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State. “That is breathtaking. Where in hell is the Central Intelligence Agency? We’ve got a $75 billion intelligence budget. There is no excuse for this.”
Dempsey is not the first senior official to acknowledge that U.S. intelligence officials and the White House itself missed the ferocity of IS’s advance. President Obama, in an interview with the New Yorker in January, 2014, referred to IS as the “jayvee,” as in a junior varsity athletic team. And Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acknowledged last September that U.S. intelligence officials underestimated” IS and the ability of the Iraqi Army to fight back against the terrorists.
“I didn’t see the collapse of the Iraq security force in the north coming,” Clapper told Washington Post columnist David Ignatius in a Sept. 18, 2004, interview. “I didn’t see that.”
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Speaking of Incompetent
Bad and mediocre generals far, far outnumber the good ones.
In the case of General Douglas MacArthur (above) he was caught with his pants down twice and our troops and allies paid for it with their lives.  We view him as a great general based on the government media propaganda machine.
On December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor, most of the U.S. Far East Air Force in the Philippines was destroyed on the ground by Japanese attacks.  As an added bonus MacArthir's entire army of 151,000 was rapidly crushed by a smaller Japanese invading force of 129,000.
In the Korean War MacArthur ignored the powerful potential enemy Communist China as he drove his troops north toward the Chinese border.  Seeing a threat to their country the Chinese poured troops into Korea driving allied forces south with large numbers of causalities.  China threw in over 1.3 million soldiers.

Territory often changed hands early in the war, until the front stabilized.
North Korean and Chinese forces
South Korean, American, Commonwealth and United Nations forces

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