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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indiana GOP - "Let's get the Gays"

The GOP "Big Tent"

  • The Indiana Republican legislature will allow business owners to discriminate against Gay customers in the name of religion.
  • But what happens when the 100,000 Muslims in Indiana refuse to serve "Infidel" customers, or fundamentalist Christians refuse to serve Mormons or . . . well you get the idea.  Businesses must be open to all members of the public or you create a nightmare of insane bigotry.

(AFP News)  -  Supporters of gay rights united in outrage Friday after the US state of Indiana adopted a law critics say would allow businesses to deny service to homosexuals on religious grounds.

Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 101 on Thursday at a closed-door ceremony attended by Catholic nuns, orthodox Jews and socially conservative lobbyists.
GOP Gov. Mike Pence
Bigot or inbred?
"It is vitally important to protect religious freedom in Indiana," the Republican governor said in a statement.
"It was therefore important to pass Senate Bill 101 in 2015 in order to help protect churches, Christian businesses and individuals from those who want to punish them because of their Biblical beliefs!"
The law, which takes effect July 1, makes no mention of gays or lesbians, and Pence said that if it was discriminatory, he would not have signed it.
But activists say it effectively makes it legal for Indiana businesses whose owners reject homosexuality on religious grounds to turn away LGBT customers.
"They’ve basically said, as long as your religion tells you to, it's OK to discriminate against people," said Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's biggest gay rights group.
The Indiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called the law a "backlash" response to a failed bid last year to put a gay marriage ban in the state's constitution.
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Real Business Freedom
If a Mormon, Black, Gay, Jew or Scientologist comes into my store
I have only one thing to say:  
"Will it be cash or charge?"

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