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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

White House stands by Yemen as a counterterrorism model

The Crap-hole of Yemen

  • Obama's lackeys claim his unconstitutional drone strikes took out several terrorists and possibly disrupted plots against the United States.  I like the "possibly" part.  The truth is impossible to prove.
  • More important, I doubt if 90% of Yemen even has toilets.  Who really gives a crap who rules over this steaming pile of desert rock?  

(Washington Examiner)  -  A White House spokesman said Tuesday that America still has active counterterrorism intelligence operations inside Yemen even after the Pentagon yanked U.S. forces out of the country over the weekend. He acknowledged, however, that those lines of communication have been rendered less effective amid the political vacuum in a country the Obama administration in the past touted as a model for its foreign policy.

"There continues to be coordination between the U.S. and the national security infrastructure of [President] Hadi's government," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said. "It's true that that coordination would be more effective if U.S. personnel were allowed to remain in the country."

The Iranian-backed Houthi extremist group seized the capital Sanaa in September and took control of former President Mansour Hadi's residence last month, forcing his resignation and that of his cabinet.

Hadi, a major U.S. ally, escaped to a town in southern Yemen last week after a month under house arrest and retracted his resignation. The United Nations issued a statement recognizing Hadi has the true leader of Yemen and calling for his reinstatement in the capital.

The Iranian-backed Houthis now control the capital and the country remains on the verge of civil war, and Earnest said the situation in Yemen is too dangerous to keep U.S. personnel there. But he also stressed that Yemen remains a dangerous place for extremists as well, saying the United States will continue to take terrorists off the battlefield there as it has in the past.

Obama last fall cited Yemen as a counterterrorism success story for his administration. Asked if he still views Yemen as a model, considering the political chaos there right now and the lack of any U.S. troops and diminished intelligence, Earnest said he did, although he used the past tense.

"Yemen did serve as a template for the kind of strategy that we have employed and that we did employ," he said, noting past drone strikes that took out several terrorists there and possibly disrupted plots against the United States.

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