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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Gay Sweater - Made from 100% LGBT child hair

Retard Alert!
  • I think it was about August 10, 1987 that everyone started taking Stupid Pills.  The end is near.

(Huffington Post)  -  Ever heard someone try to disparage something by calling it gay? Well, the Gay Sweater Initiative is demonstrating the absolute absurdity of the insult by making "the world's first and only gay object."
Timed to Toronto Fashion Week, the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity is debuting a sweater that is literally woven from the donated hair of over 100 LGBT kids.
"We were walking around school and people were like, 'that test is so gay and that homework's so gay and someone said that sweater's so gay,'" explains Jeremy Dias, who came up with the idea. "We thought, what would it take to make a sweater that's so gay to literalize the expression? Someone said being gay is just who you are, it's part of your being. That resonated with us."
"When we first started it, it was weird and creepy and we thought nobody's going to donate to this," admits Dias. "And then when we started asking queer and trans people to donate their hair, they were like, 'hell yeah, take it.' That sense of oppression is woven into yourselves, into everything you are.
"Every single day I educate, I empower, I train, but art is different, art is unique," he adds. "With art, it's not me sharing my experience or research, it's your experience. You could be excited by it, you could be repulsed by it, or motivated by it or mystified by it. [The goal] is to spark a dialogue about homophobia and transphobia."
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