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Monday, March 16, 2015

At 23.4% California has the highest poverty in the U.S.

Governor Jerry Brown
(AP file photo)

(Editor  -  You will find the best info at the end of articles written by the Elite media.  In this case when you factor in the high cost of living we see California poverty soar.)

(Associated Press)  -  Gov. Jerry Brown has a message for Republican governors planning to visit California to woo business from the state: Welcome.
Gov. Rick Scott is the latest governor to say he’s planning a recruiting trip to California. A letter he sent to shipping companies in the state takes shots at Brown’s “tax and spend administration.”
Brown, a Democrat, says the governors should “come on out and make your case” but California is growing faster than the national average.
Brown cited a recent report from Bloomberg calling California the best state for business. The report looked at the market returns for companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 that are headquartered in the nation’s five largest states. The California companies returned 134 percent since January 2011.
“Republicans say don’t deal with climate change, don’t deal with immigrants, don’t do the Affordable Care Act, don’t tax high-income people. California is doing all of that and we’re prospering,” Brown said.
Brown’s comments about the state’s economy came during a news conference he called Friday after visiting with senior White House officials. This is not the first time he’s been confronted with a Republican governor barnstorming California and badmouthing the state’s business climate. In 2013, Texas Gov. Rick Perry bragged about how Austin was poised to become the next Silicon Valley.
“That fellow from Texas who is running for president and some of these other people, come on out and make your case,” Brown said.
While many companies in California such as Apple and Google are helping to drive the state’s economy forward, it’s not without problems and many people are struggling. 
The U.S. Census Bureau has pegged the state’s supplemental poverty rate 23.4 percent, the highest in the nation. The measurement goes beyond income and takes into account factors such as the cost of living and taxes.
Brown said he was using the trip to Washington to meet with officials about climate change, water and health care. He also defended President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, calling them within the law and trying to help hard-working people.
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Welcome to California
My family has lived in the Golden State since the Gold Rush.  In the last 20 years I have seen the closing of multiple major retailers and businesses.  Meanwhile there has been an explosion of brand new 99 cent stores and thrift shops.
The free market is reacting to reality, not political slogans, and the market is building new businesses that serve an ever larger number of people with lower incomes.

More homeless people than ever in Fresno
Ending homelessness in Fresno is like battling a wildfire -- douse one hot spot and another quickly sparks up.
The city's one-day count, due out later this month, will reveal that more people are homeless than ever before despite the fact that the city -- with a small army of other agencies -- has placed thousands in homes over the past few years.
"I'm sure it's going to be more than 4,000," Gregory Barfield, Fresno's homeless prevention coordinator, says of the new homeless count.  (Fresno Bee)

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2011/05/21/2397471_more-people-than-ever-homeless.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy
An encampment of tents under an overpass in Fresno.
(New York Times)

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