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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Open Borders Parties Ahead in a Landslide

UKIP Struggles

  • The Death of the West  -  Polls show open borders Conservative and left-wing British voters have no interest in stopping immigration, keeping Britain British and protecting jobs.  Though the campaign has not started yet, the anti-immigration UKIP is polling only in the low teens.
  • British voters have the clearest of all possible choices:  continue with open borders and the Islamization of Britain or vote for UKIP.

The Conservatives are holding onto a narrow poll lead over Labour, according to an exclusive survey for The Telegraph, as David Cameron prepares to visit the Queen to launch the election campaign within days.
According to the ICM/Telegraph Wisdom Index poll, the Conservatives are predicted to achieve 32 per cent of the vote, one point ahead of Labour’s 31 per cent, as Ed Miliband’s party loses its long-term advantage among women.
The poll, which asks voters to predict the outcome of the election rather than to say how they intend to vote, confirmed that the UK Independence Party is losing ground and is now forecast to receive 13 per cent of the vote, one point behind the Liberal Democrats, and three points lower than at Christmas.
The Prime Minister is expected to visit Buckingham Palace within the next week to ask the Queen to bring Parliamentary business to a close, heralding the end of the five-year coalition and the start of the full-time General Election campaign.

Current Poll

 Real Freedom means many choices for voters

General Election 2010: Norwich South
Liberal DemocratSimon Wright13,96029.4−0.6
LabourCharles Clarke13,65028.7−8.7
ConservativeAntony D. Little10,90222.9+1.1
GreenAdrian Ramsay7,09514.9+7.5
UKIPStephen Emmens1,1452.4+0.9
BNPLen Heather6971.5N/A
Workers RevolutionaryGabriel Polley1020.20.0
Liberal Democrat gain from LabourSwing4.0

Free Elections - What a Concept
Map shows projected party win by constituency district.
Small districts, many parties means truly free elections.  Maybe someday
the United States could try election freedom.

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