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Thursday, March 12, 2015

‘Daredevil’: The Kingpin is in the building in Netflix/Marvel’s dark new trailer

Netflix is on the move

  • The lines are now officially blurred - the Internet and TV are becoming one unit.  Netflix may be the first, but everyone else is right behind them.
  • Now Netflix is doing Daredevil.  Though never a favorite of mine, I hope this Daredevil does well.  Mostly TV programming of Sci Fi / Action is a pale shadow of the movie versions.

(Washington Post)  -  Netflix dropped a new “Daredevil” trailer today, and it gives us a closer look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s big, bald badass. Yep, it’s looking as if Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil won’t be the only “man without fear” turning up the heat in Hell’s Kitchen.
The first words we hear as the trailer opens is a voiceover by Kingpin (a.k.a. Wilson Fisk). Hell’s Kitchen is the childhood home he has always wanted to rise above and leave behind, but he now realizes that he’s destined to stay and “help” his neighborhood in his own way.
Kingpin tells Daredevil that they’re a lot alike: two men working outside of the law, trying to make their home a better place. Daredevil says they’re nothing alike; he’s not biting on the comparison story from this crime boss. But you don’t need a built-in, enhanced-senses lie detector to realize that the Kingpin was spewing a lot of truth.

Marvel's Daredevil - Official Trailer - Netflix [HD]

(Need more evidence? Kingpin says in this trailer: This city “was in my blood, and I would do anything to make it a better place.” In Marvel/Netflix’s recent first trailer, Murdock said: “I’m just trying to make my city a better place.” Yes, these tall cityscapes are echo alleys.)
Matt Murdock, in his civilian-lawyer guise, says that sometimes you have to work outside the law — the familiar justification of the vigilante. He is chastised by his priest, who tells him that just because the men he’s beating to a pulp are bad, that doesn’t make his actions right.
The trailer also offers glimpses of “Daredevil’s” supporting cast. Rosario Dawson plays Claire Temple, who will quickly realize after multiple mend-jobs on Murdock that he’s not as blind as he says he is. Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson is blinded by the hope that he and Matt can help the city by working on the right side of the law. Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page seems broken in some way, perhaps having fallen victim to Hell’s Kitchen’s dark side, as Matt swears to protect her.
There’s a quick shot of Vondie Curtis-Hall as reporter Ben Urich — perhaps he’s trying to piece together the vigilante appearances around Hell’s Kitchen. Will he figure out Daredevil’s secret identity? (And there’s no word whether Urich already knows who Marvel’s new Spider-Man will be.)
Scott Glenn’s Stick is seen training Matt at a young age, showing him how his would-be disabilities are actually gifts.
We get more Daredevil in action, but, alas, still no red suit — instead, it’s more scenes of him sporting the all-black uniform.
If this is the last trailer before the April 10 series debut, we wonder whether Marvel will reveal a horned red-suit image before the show begins as to prevent the first look from being a cellphone picture shared via Twitter. Then again, who says we’re guaranteed to see a red suit in Season 1?
Personally I loved the "R" rated director's cut of Daredevil (2003) with Ben Affleck.  A very well done vision of the character. 

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