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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wisconsin Governor Walker signs $504 million tax cut

Balls of Steel
  • Scott Walker has waded through a river of shit in order to liberate Wisconsin from big government Socialism.  Now he and the GOP legislature have cut taxes.
  • Pocket book economics and tax cuts.  That is the direction the GOP needs to take.  Stop all this bullshit talk about social issues that offend millions of voters.

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Monday signed into law a measure that uses the state's projected surplus to give a tax break of more than $500 million to workers and property owners.

The law puts into place $504 million in tax cuts, consisting of $406 million in property tax relief and a $98 million state income tax break for those in the lowest tax bracket.

A typical state homeowner will see a $100 reduction in property taxes and a worker who makes $40,000 will save about $58 annually, according to the governor's office reports Reuters News.

"This is a great day for the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin," Walker said in a statement.

The Republican-led state Assembly voted 61-35 along party lines to approve the measure last Tuesday, two weeks after it was approved by the state Senate.
Walker, who is running for re-election this year, has vowed to funnel most of Wisconsin's projected surplus to residents through tax breaks.

The state was estimated to have a $911 million surplus at the end of its biennial budget in June of 2015, according to fiscal documents.

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