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Monday, March 10, 2014

Six States file suit against California dictating to them how to raise chickens

People's Republic of California
Touchy feely Libs mandate to other states "Thou shalt
only sell us 'cage-free' chickens."

Five states have joined Missouri in a lawsuit against the People's Republic of California, contesting a provision in its state law that requires hens laying eggs to be “cage-free,” or at least have larger spaces.

California voters passed approved a proposition in 2008 that’s set to go into effect next year, banning “extreme confinement” cages of animals within the state. So why are other states getting involved, in addition to other animal farming industries?
California Chickens

As it turns out, the law extends to eggs sold within California, not just to the chickens raised there. All eggs would have to come from hens who also have enough room to spread their wings — even if the chicken is in a different state.

Missouri launched a lawsuit against the state last month, with Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Alabama joining it Wednesday, alleging that it violates interstate commerce, according to the Wall Street Journal. For Missouri’s egg farmers to bring their systems into compliance with California law, it is estimated to cost them a total of $120 million.

“We can’t have our farmers and ranchers at the whim of California’s voters, and that’s why we filed the lawsuit,” Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning told NPR.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris countered that if this lawsuit were successful — achieving what previous legislative amendments failed to do — “it will limit the ability of voters in any state to enact laws they deem in their best interest.”

(The Blaze.com)

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