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Monday, March 17, 2014

Robot Strippers - Are You As Turned On As They Are?

I no longer want to live on this planet.
Businesses are building robot strippers and the
military is building Terminators.

Gary Rule #1  -  People are fucking idiots.

100,000 years of humans crawling out of the gutter in order to build robot strippers.  We are doomed.

The robot apocalypse may just start in a strip club. At the CeBIT expo in Hanover, German software developer Tobit put together a booth that features two pole dancing robots, egged on by a fellow robot DJ with a megaphone for a head. The two ladybots move and twist in time to the music, though the actual performance is surprisingly tame.

This isn't the first time Tobit has brought the robots to the show, but this year featured updated models. "We changed them a little bit to make them more interesting," a Tobit representative told RuptlyTV. "We changed them to get more color, we changed them to get bigger breasts."

According to the BBC, you can pick up a bot of your own for $39,500."

But can robots replace the real thing?

And some silly people think Hollywood
has run out of ideas.

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