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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Ukraine, Flag Poles and Lies

The City of Zagreb
Since 1918 Zagreb has seen the flags of five nations fly over it.  It is impossible to decide
which "nation" Zagreb belongs to.  So when in doubt it is best to mind our own business. 

Of Bullshit and Flag Poles
  • "It's an effort by Putin to rewrite the boundaries of post-World War II Europe," said Hillary Clinton on Crimea. When in reality it was Ukraine succeeding from Russia in 1991 that tried to re-write the post-World War II boundaries. 
  • But facts and history don't matter to politicians or an apathetic Sheeple public that cannot find Ukraine on a blank map of the world.

By Gary;

The politicians love to get the Sheeple voters at home all worked up.  It's good for votes and it keeps the Sheeple's minds off the bad American economy and the food stamps they are on.

Now we have Hillary Clinton piling on Putin with inaccurate statements on geography.

Crimea is the latest hot button issue for the political chattering class.  "We must protect the territorial integrity of the Ukraine" they say.  Never mind that the Ukraine didn't even exist as a nation until 1991. 

So what is it exactly that we are supposed to be protecting?

Iraq absorbing Kuwait endangered the oil supply of the world and rightfully demanded action.  But really now, does it make any difference to anyone what flag flies over Crimea, South Sudan, Tibet or Kashmir?

Let's take the case of a 96 year old man born in 1918 in the Balkan city of Zagreb.

During his lifetime he would have lived under the flag and been a citizen of these nations.

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945)
  • Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Republic of Croatia

No matter what flag the man lived under the world somehow managed to go on.

In many areas of the world the borders of nations are fluid.  Just since World War I we have seen many brand new nations carved out of older states.

Should Syria be given back to Turkey? or Hawaii given back to the native peoples and their King? or Croatia given back to Austria?

Independence Movements - There are current independence movements in Scotland, Venice and Catalonia.

Scotland will hold its independence vote this year.  If it is OK for Scotland to break from Britain then why is it bad for Russian speaking Crimea to re-join Russia?

Just some food for thought.

Attention Hillary
Above is a 1950s map of post-World War II Europe with both the Crimea and Ukraine as a part of Russia as they had been since Empress Catherine the Great in the 1700s.
Personally I don't care all that much, but from a historical point of view a good case could be made that Ukraine upset the peace of Europe by seceding from Russia and in the process taking millions of Russian speaking citizens with them.
The borders of Europe have been little more than sand for thousands of years.  Nations literally have come and gone in the wink of an eye.  The fact that in 20 years Crimea went from being Russian to Ukrainian to Russian again is not anything to lose sleep about.


What if Putin said "Give back Hawaii."

Giving Back Hawaii?
Above USS Boston's landing force on duty at the Arlington Hotel, Honolulu, at the time of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, January 1893.
Putin could easily say that if it is wrong for Russia to want Russian speaking Crimea back then it is wrong for the U.S. to continue holding the Kingdom of Hawaii.  Two can play at the game of national borders.
See more Kingdom of Hawaii

Should We Give Back Hawaii?
Group of Native Hawaiians occupy the Iolani Palace in protest
of the "occupation" of Hawaii by the United States.

During the 1800’s, Hawai’i’s King David Kalakaua commissioned
several world renowned artists to engrave two different designs of six
denominations of bank notes for use in his Hawaiian Kingdom.

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