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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Socialist Venezuela to arrest female pro-capitalist leader

Opposing Communist Venezuela

Maria Corina Machado may be jailed on her return from speaking to the Organization of American States.

From Business Insider, "This Woman Is The New Venezuelan Opposition Leader Wanted For Treason":

María Corina Machado
Member, National Assembly of Venezuela
As it stands now the official protest death toll in Venezuela is up to 31, and the way President Nicolas Maduro's government sees it, someone has to take the blame. 
First it was Leopoldo Lopez, the former Mayor of Caracas who became a wanted man after beginning the protests last month... the government has a new target - 46-year-old opposition politician and Lopez ally Maria Corina Machado. 
Vowing revenge for the deaths (especially that of a Venezuela National Guard captain who died on Monday) the legislature has demanded an investigation into her activities on Tuesday.
On Wednesday she left the country to appeal to the Organization of American States. Panama's representative ceded his seat to her so that the opposition's case to the body. 
When she goes home, though, she'll go directly to jail. At least that's what Maduro deputy, Diosdado Cabello made it sound like in a speech this week (that's the video, it's in Spanish).
Editor's note - Machado has ties with American libertarian and fiscal conservative groups including Cato, Heritage and Americans For Prosperity.  

Thanks to The Libertarian Republican also see Maria Corina Machado

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