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Friday, January 3, 2014

The 2014 Election Projection - The Six Year Itch

When an election is in doubt, go to war.
Uncle Sam poster with Woodrow Wilson,
General Pershing & Admiral Sims (1918).

Mid-Terms Are Only 10 Months Away
The "Six Year Itch" is usually a disaster for
the party in the White House.

By Gary;

Elections are a snapshot of America at a single moment in time.

"Vital" issues that excited great passions with the public are often completely forgotten in a matter of months.

The six year mark of a President and/or his party's control of the White House usually sees major changes in Congress.

Presidents and TV shows are very much alike.  Both start off as new and exciting.  But after a few years their "act" starts to wear thin and people get restless.

In the case of Presidents it is the "six year itch" mid-term elections where voters can take out their frustrations on the party in power.

Below are ten six year itch elections in the last 100 years.  Here is the average of seats lost by the party holding the White House.

-30 House seats lost on average
-5   Senate seats lost

It is really hard to see the GOP picking up 30 more seats in the House.  Time will tell if a voter revolt against Obamacare will pack that kind of punch.  But a 5 seat gain in the Senate is very reachable . . . unless the GOP nominates more witches or retards who support "legitimate rape".

My 2014 Projection  -  To stay on the conservative side, I say there will be 20 seat GOP gain in the House and 5 seats in the Senate.

Beware of Marxism

The December Venezuelan elections should be a wake-up call for the non-Marxists in the United States.

In local elections the Communist PSUV and allies won 49.24% (5,111,336) of the vote nationally, versus 42.72% (4,435,097) of the vote to the anti-Communist MUD alliance.

This Communist win is in the face of 56% inflation and an economy imploding by the hour.  The insane call of Marxism and the stealing of other people's money is so powerful that millions of mouth-breathing voters will stand up for Communism no matter what.

Civil Rights in the 1918 Mid-Term Elections
Every election sees major issues that influence the voters.  In 1918 Democrat Woodrow Wilson cracked down on freedom of speech during World War One, he put Presidential candidate Eugene Debs into prison, and imprisoned and tortured protesters in the women's suffrage movement.


-22 Democrat House seats lost
-5   Demo Senate seats lost

Major Issues
America fighting in World War I
The Sedition Act of 1918.
Recession of 1918.


-9  GOP House seats lost
-7  GOP Senate seats lost

Major Issues
No major pressing issues amid growing prosperity,
but even so the "six year itch" kicked in with GOP
seats lost.

FDR Undermines the Constitution
In a direct attack on the Constitution FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court
with New Deal Leftists who would obey his commands.  The voters
dealt the Democrats a major setback ending New Deal legislation.


-72 Democrat House seats lost
-6   Democrat Senate seats lost

Major Issues
The Recession of 1937
Roosevelt's "Court-packing" plan
Overreach of FDR's New Deal.


-28 Democrat House seats lost
-5   Democrat Senate seats lost

Major Issues
Korean War
Escalation of the Cold War
Soviet espionage inside the U.S.


-48 GOP House seats lost
-12 GOP Senate seats lost

Major Issues
The Recession of 1958.
Soviet launch of Sputnik and Cold War politics.


-47 Democrat House seats lost
-3   Democrat Senate seats lost

Major Issues
The Vietnam War
Civil Rights and the Great Society programs.
Race riots exploded in cities across the country.


-48 GOP House seats lost
-4   GOP Senate seats lost

Major Issues
Recession of 1973 - 1975.
Watergate Scandal
A voter rejection of 6 years of Nixon-Ford rule.

-5 GOP House seats lost
-8 GOP Senate seats lost

Major Issues
The Savings and Loan Crisis.
Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986.

Bill Clinton It depends on what the meaning of the word is is


+5 Democrats gain five House seats.  GOP keeps control.
0   Zero change in Senate seats.  GOP keeps control.

Major Issues
The Monica Lewinsky scandal.
Clinton presided over a booming economy resulting
in a gain for Democrats in the House, but voters keep
the GOP in control of Congress as a rejection of Democrats.


-30 GOP House seats lost.
-6   GOP Senate seats lost.

Major Issues
Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Growth in Big Government spending and debt.
Patriot Act warrantless surveillance programs.

What will the 2014 election bring?
I project a 20 seat gain for the GOP in the House and a 5 seat gain in the Senate.

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