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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obama Recovery - 1,600 apply for 36 job openings

1,600 Desperate Job Seekers
  • Leftist Socialist Democrat economic stupidity crushes business.
  • Add to the mix that Democrats want to import millions of new poor voters (who need jobs) and Republicans bow down to their corporate masters and work to import cheap labor to drive down wages. 
  • If you are an American citizen you are fucked no matter who you vote for.

Working at an ice cream plant does not pay very well.  But at least it beats flipping burgers or stocking shelves at Wal-Mart.  And in this economy, there is no shortage of desperate workers that are willing to take just about any job that they can find.

Thanks to persistent unemployment and low availability of low-skill jobs, Shenandoah Family Farms’ ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland has received over 1,600 applicants for a grand total of 36 jobs.

Many of those applicants are former workers at the Good Humor plant that was bought by Shenandoah Family Farms.

“You’d think that after 20-some-years working someplace at least somebody would think you area a good person, that you’d show up on time every day, and that would be worth something,” Luther Brooks, a 50-year-old former worker at the plant told the Washington Post.  “I can’t get nothing. I’ve tried.”

Wall Street is booming, the Federal Reserve is paring back its stimulus, there are bidding wars for houses again, but for blue-collar workers in places like Hagerstown the economic recovery has yet to materialize, and many around town worry that it won’t. Laid-off workers are living week-to-week on unemployment. They’re working temp jobs and trying to reeducate themselves. They are trying to save their houses from foreclosure.

A handful of former workers have gotten lucky, returning to their old jobs as the plant begins production later this month. They won’t earn as much as they did before, but they aren’t complaining. One rehired worker — and his boss — spoke on the condition of anonymity. He is being inundated with pleas for help landing jobs from former colleagues.

The country lost 6 million factory jobs between 2000 and 2009, and in Maryland, the job losses have been catastrophic. There were about 172,000 manufacturing jobs in the state in 2000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; today there are about 104,000, a nearly 40 percent drop.

In the Hagerstown area, which once produced airplanes, pipe organs and leather car seats, there were roughly 14,000 factory jobs in 2000. Today: about 8,000.

Coming Soon - Immigration "Reform"
American citizens of all racial groups go un or under employed by the tens of millions.  But the political liars from both parties prepare to fuck over our people in an insane rush to legalize 30 million illegal aliens to compete directly with our citizens for a limited number of jobs.
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