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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Democrat states have the highest property taxes

And the winner is . . . .
With the highest property taxes in the U.S. I suspect
the winner is not Chris Christie of New Jersey in 2016.

Here are the 10 states with the highest mean property taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center's study:

State2012 Mean Property Taxes Paid
New Jersey$7,318
New Hampshire$5,230
New York$5,040
Rhode Island$3,820
Source: Tax Policy Center.

It is interesting to note that except for Alaska all the high property tax states are in New England or in the Northern states.

Democrats are universally known for worshipping at the throne of big government, Karl Marx and the re-distribution of wealth.  But Republicans are not that far behind with many of the worst GOP offenders being located in the Northern states.

Alaska ranks as the only solid Republican state on the list.  New Hampshire would rank as purple having voted for Comrades Kerry and Obama for President and electing a Democrat Governor and mostly Democrats to Congress.

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California Started the Tax Revolution

In 1978 Howard Jarvis spearheaded a California grassroots property tax revolt against the bipartisan big spending establishment of the state.  Proposition 13, which limits property taxes to 1%, was put on the ballot with hundreds of thousands of signatures of average citizens.

Many "Conservative" Republicans in the legislature like future GOP Governor George Deukmejian joined with Democrats to oppose the Jarvis' Proposition 13 property tax cap.  They placed a watered down counter version on the ballot filled with loopholes to keep the tax machine humming.

The voters saw through the bullshit of the big government lovers and passed 13 in a landslide.  The property tax cap stands to this day.

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Proposition 13 - A 1% Property Tax Cap 
California 1978
Referendum passed Yes4,280,68962.6%
Invalid or blank votes236,1453.4%
Total votes6,843,001100.00%
Voter turnout68.9%


Praise Be to Howard Jarvis
Howard Jarvis - Hated by big government Democrats and Republicans alike. 
But loved by those who are forced to pay the taxes.

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