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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Stalin Show-Trial in America

The late Senator Ted Steven was the victim of a phony Stalinist show-trial in order to elect a Democrat to the Senate.

Total Corruption
Federal Prosecutors hid evidence that would have cleared Ted Stevens and no one goes to jail.
  • A phony trial held days before election day in order to get a Democrat in the Senate.
  • “serious, widespread and at times intentional” illegal concealment of evidence by prosecutors.
  • In 2009 a Federal judge formally set aside the verdict and threw out the indictment, based on what the judge called the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct he'd ever seen.
  • Extreme corruption and no one goes to jail.

Alaska Democrat Senator Mark Begich should resign his seat because of election fraud.  This crooked bastard won a slim 47%  -  46% victory Senator Ted Stevens based on a phony corruption trial timed for election day.

If Begich had any honor as a man he would resign.  But he is a Democrat, and the words honor and Democrat cannot be used in the same sentence.

A court-appointed investigator has found that the high-profile prosecution of the late Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was “permeated” by the prosecutors’ “serious, widespread and at times intentional” illegal concealment of evidence that would have helped Mr. Stevens defend himself at his 2008 trial, a federal judge disclosed.

But the 500-page report by the investigator, Henry F. Schuelke, recommends that none of the Justice Department officials involved in the case be prosecuted for criminal contempt of court. 

The reason?

Because the judge who presided over the trial, Emmet G. Sullivan, of Federal District Court in Washington, did not issue an order specifically instructing prosecutors to obey the law by turning over any exculpatory evidence reports the New York Times.

Pure 100% Bull Shit and a pure 100% cover-up.

The judge quoted Schuelke as saying that the investigation and prosecution of Stevens, an Alaska Republican, had been “permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated his defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness.”

Schuelke also “found evidence of concealment and serious misconduct that was previously unknown and almost certainly would never have been revealed — at least to the court and to the public — but for their exhaustive investigation.”

After the Stevens case melted down, members of the government’s trial team and the head of the public integrity section of the Justice Department, William Welch, came under intense scrutiny.

Among other things, both Welch and his deputy chief, Brenda Morris — who had led the trial team — were reassigned, along with two other lawyers from the section. One of the lawyers, Nicholas A. Marsh, committed suicide last year.

The Democratic Party learned a lot from the Stalin Show-Trials and put that knowledge
to good use against Republican Ted Stevens.

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