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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Debate - Should Holocaust victims be able to sue France?

Jobs.  Who needs jobs?  Let's waste time debating Hitler.
Hitler was in Paris.  It appears members of Congress do not understand that fact, because they want Holocaust survivors to be able to sue France.  After all the Nazis used French railroad cars to transport Jews to the death camps. . . . like the French had any choice in the matter when they were ordered to comply.

Bull Shit Alert
Instead of working on jobs, moron Congressmen are pushing for a bill allowing Holocaust survivors to sue France.

It would not be a day on the internet without a Hitler story.  So here we go.

America is the laughing stock of the world.

The United States is totally bankrupt.  Millions of homes have been foreclosed on.  Businesses are closing left and right.  There are millions of under and unemployed Americans.  Joblessness among our youth and minority communities is through the roof.

And what is Congress debating?  World War II era ancient history.  What a fucking joke.

The French firm that may want a piece of California's high-speed rail project would face costly lawsuits from Holocaust survivors under a bill now trying to gain steam on Capitol Hill.

The bill would expose the state-owned rail giant SNCF to lawsuits from victims transported aboard its trains to World War II concentration camps. The legislation also provokes questions about SNCF's interest in California's multibillion-dollar high-speed rail future reports AFP news.

Costly lawsuits.  That is the key.  The proposed bill is yet another Attorney-Full-Employment-Act designed to line the pockets of scumbag lawyers in the name of "justice".

Carolyn Maloney, a Democratic congresswoman from New York and lead sponsor of the bill, said: "SNCF's role in the death and suffering of tens of thousands of innocent victims is an immeasurable failure of humanity."

"Yeah, there are complications, and there are ways to deal with that," said Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif.  "The answer is for the rail company and the French government to confront the issue and get that past them."

Technically, the so-called Holocaust Rail Justice Act discussed by lawmakers yesterday does not impinge on this California rail project. Practically speaking, though, the bill casts a shadow over one of the project's big potential players.

The legislation targets SNCF for its role in transporting an estimated 75,000 Jews and other victims from France to concentration camps.

SNCF officials say they were compelled by Nazi authorities to provide the rail transportation.

The SNCF's US affiliate has been awarded a contract to run commuter rail services in Virginia, and wants to bid for a similar contract to run Maryland's MARC commuter trains.

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