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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Government Spending - The Looting of America

The Looting of America
The Government-Business Complex is in an orgy of looting tax dollars by the billions.  Everyone from labor unions to businessmen to government workers and members of both parties have the snouts fully inserted in the trough.

The Looting of America
The Government-Business Complex is working together to loot the wealth of the nation one government program at a time.

By Gary;

It is a myth that business loves free enterprise and small government.  Far from it.  An alliance I call the Government-Business Complex is working at all levels to fully loot the wealth of the nation.  Labor unions, Democrats, businessmen, Republicans and government workers join together in a nest of corrupt to drain away every possible tax dollar and re-distribute the wealth to their respective groups.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority just issued a new report conceding what critics have been saying for years -- that the ambitious plan to build a bullet train linking San Francisco and Los Angeles would, "take longer and cost more than previously estimated."
- - - In 2008, when California voters approved the project in a ballot measure, the system was projected to cost $33 billion to build.

- - - Now in 2011 (only 3 years later) the so-called "revised" projection is that the system would cost a whopping $98 billion, accounting for inflation over the life of the project. The date of completion was pushed back 13 years, to 2033.

But all the numbers above are lies to try an fool the Sheeple taxpayers to keep forking over their money to the Government-Business Complex. 

This web-site reported back in August that the true cost of the bullet train was an insane $247 Billion.  See our August article  THE FEDERALIST - "Massive cost overruns on the Bullet-Train." 

Both parties and their supporters
have their snouts deep in the public
trough of tax money.
Making matters worse, the new business plan predicts that only 20 percent of the funding will come from private sources. That means that even optimistically, planners will have to come up with $80 billion during times when federal, state and local governments are already strapped for cash.

If California were to cancel the train, they'd have to forgo $3.5 billion in Obama stimulus money that's already been directed to it.

Back in April some 1,000 companies from around the globe, drawn by a bonanza of public funding allotted for California's bullet train, descended on the Los Angeles Convention Center angling for a piece of one of the biggest public works projects in American history.

California High-Speed Rail Authority officials was seeking something as well:  to mobilize a broad coalition of large and small businesses to lobby for more government funding.

Both political parties have their snouts fully thrust into the trough of the state treasury and Federal tax dollars.  The head of the High Speed Rail is Curt Pringle, the last Republican Speaker of the State Assembly.

"Now we need to hear from you," board Chairman Curt Pringle told the crowd that filled much of an exhibition hall the size of a football field.  Washington decision-makers need to hear what the project could mean to you, he told the audience.
But today the well of tax money is running dry.

"The project is dead, period, because they have no money," Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said. "But the problem is everyone's hand is now in the cookie jar ... and they're buying off every lobbyist and consultant that they can in California, so the corruption has reached a whole new level."

He added, "I don't think you could dream up a bigger boondoggle than this, even if you tried."

We are living off our ancestors

The American economy is slowly grinding to a halt.  Nothing meaningful can be built.  Almost every project is opposed by endless legal battles by teams of lawyers and environmentalists and years in courts.

Americans are living off the great public works created by our ancestors.

The Golden Gate Bridge rapidly built between 1933 and 1937.
Financed and built by California in a record four years. The bridge ranks as one of the great wonders of the world stimulating the economy and creating endless jobs and wealth. Today it would never be built.  Today there would be endless delays, environmental impact reports, labor unions, lawyers, cost overruns, court battles, looting of tax dollars and Government Drones blocking every move.

Shasta Dam in California rapidly build between 1938 and 1945.
Providing clean water and clean, non-polluting hydroelectric power to California to grow crops, build jobs and wealth. The modern hypocrite Luddite Socialists are happy to drink the water provided by the dam, eat the food grown with water from the dam, and use the clean electric power provided by the dam, but they will oppose any new construction. Such a project could never be built today in the People's Republic of California.

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